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Six best family activities in Normandy

This guide is about something other than the D-Day beaches of Normandy because it is already in your itinerary and probably the number one item on your checklist.

Normandy is situated in northwest France, very close to Paris. But don’t be fooled by Normandy’s proximity to one of the most romantic places on earth. While Paris conjures up images of the Eiffel Tower and a laidback Parisian lifestyle where everyone knows how to have fun, Normandy conjures up echoes of World War II’s deafening battle calls.

But no, that’s too extreme. D-day beaches are an essential part of the history of Normandy, but this isn’t the only reason you would visit this place with your family. Of course, brushing up your kids’ history skills is a plus, as you can bring all the history of the Normandy Landings to life as you stroll by the beaches of Utah, Sword, Juno, Gold, or Omaha. This can even be a teachable moment where your kids learn to appreciate the sacrifices made and have a newfound respect for their present life. So, don’t miss out on D Day tours Normandy when visiting with family, especially kids.

However, this guide is about something other than the D-Day beaches of Normandy because it is already in your itinerary and probably the number one item on your checklist (if not, add it immediately!). We are here to make you focus on the vibrant land brimming with family-friendly activities beneath this region’s historical layer. So, after you have paid your homage and spent a good amount of time exploring the D-Day beaches, here are some other activities and attractions that must be on your itinerary. Let’s go!

Pack your sunscreen and explore the magnificent coastline
The D-Day beaches are one part of Normandy where you can explore exhibits from the Second World War, but there’s an expansive coastline waiting to be explored. Normandy is known for its white sandy beaches, rocky inlets, ominous cliffs, and sand dunes. There’s a wide variety of wildlife and activities.

During the summer, the beaches are a popular destination for sunbathing and watersports. In the other months, they are popular for leisurely strolls and seaside exploring.

The long coastline of this region makes it a perfect destination for surfing and paddleboarding. You can even check out the nautical centers and sailing clubs that are dotted along the entire coast.

Whether you are staying in a beachside campground or a holiday village, you cannot afford to miss the beauty of the coast. Also, you can carry toys and other recreational items to spend glorious hours sitting at the beach. Don’t forget to apply a lot of sunscreen!

Visit the water parks and aqua center to enjoy indoor water sports activities
The beach isn’t the only place where you can engage in adrenaline-rushing water sports activities. Normandy boasts a number of aqua centers and water parks where you can enjoy plunge pools, water slides, and aqua-gym.

Explore the castle of William the Conqueror
The castle of William the Conqueror was built by the first Dukes of Normandy and enlarged after the conquest of England in 1066. This 11th-century castle features an impressive structure that you will love exploring with your family, especially if you have kids.

The castle is situated at the top of a hill, and it is a sight to behold. It includes a large hall, three restored keeps, and high walls offering impressive views of the surrounding area.

What’s truly fantastic about this castle is the unique blend of technology and history. So, if you are camping in Normandy or traveling with your family, this is a must-see attraction. As soon as you enter the castle, you will be given an iPad, and this brings the castle to life via AR.

Hover the iPad over the time gates in each of the rooms, and then you can connect to videos and information relating to where you are. Then, you can use the iPad to scan the room and view what the room looked like back in those days.

Enjoy karting at full speed on the Deauville circuit
At the Deauville circuit, you can put yourself in the driver’s shoes for twelve minutes. Whether experienced or novice, young or old, you can enjoy the unique sensations of a 270cc kart. The 750-meter (480-meter for kids) winding track set in lush greenery beckons to speed enthusiasts and adventure junkies.

Karting is a fun activity to do with your partner, friends, kids, or siblings. At the Deauville circuit, safety comes first. So, you have nothing to worry about. There will also be a French instructor showing you the ropes. You can book in advance to jump the queue.

Solve mazes
Has it been a long time since you have done something together as a family? Do you feel that the connection is waning as your kids are growing up? A fantastic way to reconnect with all your family members is through solving mazes, and Normandy has six of them.

Two of these mazes are in the Calvados region, and the remaining four are in La Manche. The layout and theme of the mazes change every year, so even if you are visiting Normandy for the second time, there will be something new to discover.

When you head to solve the mazes, you can opt for either the English or French maze. You will be handed out separate activity sheets.

Explore the stunning views of Normandy on a rail-bike trip
Rail-biking in Normandy is a fun activity that you must not miss. It is an exciting way to explore the beauty of this region because the rail-bike trail takes you through some of the most scenic spots. This activity is suitable for all ages.

Rail-biking involves cycling a carriage that is specially designed to function along the disused rail tracks. Two people must cycle the carriages, and there is room for additional passengers. You can even change places to alternate between cycling and resting.

With so many family-friendly activities and lots of history to catch up on, don’t waste another minute to plan a Normandy holiday. From watersports activities to go-karting and rail-biking, there’s so much to do and explore. You won’t regret it!