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Six cars most road trippers drive for family weekend trips

While most people love to drive on the weekends, many choose to travel with family in tow instead. If you’re wondering which cars are most popular with families who like to hit the road for weekend getaways, here is a list.

Any road trip is a story worth sharing; after all, it's the memories that matter. The question is, what sort of car does one drive when they have no particular destination in mind? You would want something comfortable that can take you across continents without discomfort for yourself and your family members. Stand tall at the traffic signals with this car which means everyone will look at you, including cops – Most probably, they will ask to sit inside the car to check if it has proper air conditioning or not.

While most people love to drive on the weekends, many choose to travel with family in tow instead. If you're wondering which cars are most popular with families who like to hit the road for weekend getaways, here is a list.

1) Land Rover
With its SUV-like looks and lots of safety features, the 2015 Land Range Rover is truly a family car that will keep you safe as you travel from one location to another. Besides, according to this car dealer, the Land Rover has received positive reviews for its safety features, including blind-spot monitoring, lane departure warning, and emergency braking. The car also comes fully equipped with entertainment options such as a music system, DVD player, and touchscreen monitors to keep everyone occupied during the trip.

The front seats are equipped with eight airbags for maximum protection in different collisions. An inflatable curtain also protects all passengers even if the windshield breaks apart due to hostile weather conditions. It's a stylish yet comfortable car for families who want something durable but works well on long trips.

2) The Toyota Sienna Minivan
A minivan is more than just a decent family car, as it's the perfect vehicle for road trips as well as carrying large families and their luggage. The Toyota Sienna Minivan model has been around for quite some time now, and its popularity skyrocketed after Toyota improved its engine and transmission systems. As a result, the new generation of these cars offers you smooth and quiet rides even with all seven seats occupied by kids or suitcases.

Photo by Santa3 on Pixabay

This big van is extremely spacious and can easily accommodate seven passengers plus luggage. It comes equipped with TVs, DVD players, leather seats, and an efficient cooling system that works well in hot weather. You'll be able to enjoy your trip in comfort while the kids relax in the back seat playing their favorite movies on a flat-screen TV.

3) The Honda Odyssey Minivan:
The 2016 Honda Odyssey Minivan has received rave reviews from most publications, including the New York Times. It's loved for its high safety features for adults and children alike. Some of these features include: 

  • Side curtain airbags, 
  • An electronic stability system, 
  • Anti-lock brakes, 
  • The antilock braking system, 
  • Traction control systems, and
  • Automatic emergency braking. 

Aside from keeping your family safe on the road, this vehicle also comes with entertainment options that will keep you all occupied during travel time. The car offers a DVD player with wireless headphones and numerous storage compartments to carry all your belongings comfortably, among many other features.

4) The Chevrolet Express van
The Chevrolet Express van is a great option for families who are often on or around the road. It's one of the most reliable vans on the market, and this means that you'll be able to relish your trip without skipping a beat. The van offers five seats in the second row with adjustable headrests for maximum comfort. A panoramic sunroof will allow plenty of natural light inside, even if it's dark outside.

This van is equipped with several safety features, including traction control, anti lock brakes, an electronic stability system, automatic headlights, and even more. The engine will help you out on those steeper inclines or during sudden stops by keeping the van in place without any problems.

5) The Ford Transit Connect van
If your family is constantly on the go, public transportation might not be an option for you. A great choice would be the Ford Transit Connect van, named one of Car and Driver's 10 Best Family Cars of 2016. It comes fully loaded with entertainment amenities such as a DVD player and wireless headphones to keep everyone occupied during your trip. You can also monitor what your kids are watching through the rearview camera screen that comes with it.

The van is equipped with plenty of storage space, so you can keep your bags and suitcases safe without needing to use the trunk of another car during your stay. The driver also has an 8-inch center LCD screen that allows them to see incoming calls, messages, music options, and features that are essential while driving. This includes GPS navigation and speedometer warnings.

6) The Mercedes S Class
This vehicle is one of the most luxurious cars worth driving if you have a large family. It comes with the latest entertainment options and safety features that will surely keep your family safe at all times. The car can accommodate up to five passengers in the second row and two in the third row. A rearview camera, Bluetooth phone connectivity, and a seven-inch touch screen are just some of its entertainment amenities that you'll enjoy during travel time.

The car also has a traction control system, anti-lock braking system, automatic high beams headlights, and great safety features. Panoramic sunroofs make it feel like the inside is always sunny even if it's dark outside, thanks to LED lights along with natural light from front windows.

Whichever car you drive, remember to reduce your speed when driving on unfamiliar routes. This will help you avoid mishaps such as losing control of the car and causing an accident. You should also pay attention to weather reports before planning long-distance trips, especially during winter months where there might be snow and ice on some roads and highways. Lastly, always check if your car needs maintenance before heading out on a long trip to avoid running into traffic or having any other problems along the way.

Main photo by tekhnika on Pixabay