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Ten reasons you should visit Lima, Peru

Lima’s climate is peculiar: it’s a subtropical desert, with a warm season from December to April and a cold, humid, overcast season from June to October, with May and November serving as transitional months.

Lima is the capital city of Peru. It prides itself on different infrastructures and sites that serve as the major tourist attractions prevalent there today. It is one of the largest metropolitan cities with the largest desert second to Cairo in Egypt. However, apart from that, this city offers you cultural diversity and a very friendly ambiance with friendly people. Lima's climate is peculiar: it's a subtropical desert, with a warm season from December to April and a cold, humid, overcast season from June to October, with May and November serving as transitional months. Below listed are the in-depth reason why you need to visit lima Peru.

1. The epicenter of the best culinary
Lima Peru is said to be one of the best culinary destination both in Latin America and globally. For eight consecutive years, Lima has been selected to be the best culinary city in the world today.  This city is famous for its popular dish, ceviche, a traditional dish developed by Peruvians but was refined in Lima. In addition, many hotels in Lima, Peru are highly ranked, with some of them making it to the top 50 of the world's best hotels. Therefore, lima is ranked a gastronomical epicenter that is worth paying a visit.

2. It has an amazing tourism infrastructure
Lima is a massive metropolis. However, this doesn't limit them from having the best facilities for domestic and international tourists. You can find different accommodations, bars, and restaurants, all in liman accordance o tour preferences.

3. Visit its ancient ruins and learn about its culture
Lima is full of historical sites that are easily accessible to any tourist. The Inca ruins are one of the best ways to experience the cultural influences and history of lima. The Inca ruins are regarded as among the most magnificent and intriguing sites on the planet. Therefore  through hiking the Inca trails, one can gain the best experience of the ruins.

4. They have beautiful beaches
Peru is famed for its gorgeous beaches, and it is no secret that surfers will not want to miss out on this opportunity. You can visit some popular beaches to experience some good sun, sand and crystal waters.

5. Museums
Lima also boasts a fantastic museum scene, including some of the greatest existent in the country. For example, the Museo Larco has sensual ceramics, while the Museo de la Nacio has a disturbing collection of images from the violent war. 

6. To experience the nightlife
Peruvian nightlife is mostly focused on Lima and Cusco, the country's two most populous cities. However, both towns come alive at night, with a slew of live-music venues, trendy cocktail bars, and nightclubs springing up.

7. Enjoy their handcrafts
Peruvian history, culture, and art are highly based on their handicraft. It is mainly made from textiles from woven carpets and scarfs, among others. Other artisanal crafts include wood carvings, canvas painting, jewelry instruments, and much more.

8. Enjoy amazing wildlife
The unspoiled islands off the coast of Lima, easily accessible by boat from Callao, are a little-known gem. The Palomino Islands are considered Lima's "little Galapagos," Here, you may swim with friendly sea lions in sun-kissed but icy seas in wet suits.

9. Enjoy the sceneries
There are different sceneries that you can enjoy while in lima. For instance, people-watching in the plaza mayor, enjoy the beautiful coastal landscapes, and much more.

10. Splurge on precious gems
If you are a lover of precious metals like gold and silver, then lima has a lot to offer. Therefore, visit various museums and get to spend on your favorite metal.


Photo by youleks from Pixabay