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The five best cars for a UK road trip in 2024

Here are the five cars we think are best equipped to ferry you across the country on an epic road trip this year.

Who doesn’t love a road trip? In 2023, nearly a quarter of Brits expressed their intention to embark on a road trip in 2024, with the cost-of-living crisis meaning less of us are considering going abroad for our summer holidays. But that doesn’t need to mean you miss out on a fascinating vacation. Indeed, a UK road trip can be way more exciting than sitting on a beach for a week. However, with the allure of open roads and the promise of adventure, the need for a reliable and comfortable vehicle becomes paramount.

With that in mind, whether you’re looking to rent a car for the occasion or even buy a brand new (or used) one, here are the 5 cars we think are best equipped to ferry you across the country on an epic road trip this year.

Volkswagen Golf – Compact efficiency for couples
For couples or small families planning a road trip, the Volkswagen Golf is an ideal choice. Renowned for its efficient use of space and comfort, the Golf is perfect for intimate journeys and there are dozens of models to choose from. Plus, opting for a VW used model can be a cost-effective way to enjoy this car’s benefits without stretching your budget and VW cars are famously reliable. Remember to check out the variety of VW used cars available online to find the perfect match for your trip.

Vauxhall Mokka – Reliable and family-friendly
If reliability is your top priority, the Vauxhall Mokka won’t disappoint. Garnering accolades across the automotive world as the most reliable family SUV, it’s built like a tank but still manages to look surprisingly subtle. It doesn’t sacrifice any features in the name of dependability either.

Skoda Superb – The epitome of comfort and space
Skoda’s flagship model, the Superb, is a comfortable family car with a spacious interior that makes it ideal for large families (or those with a lot of luggage). Its well-thought-out design and features are specifically tailored for long-distance travel, making it a superb choice for any road trip and, while the name Skoda might once have been held in low regard, the brand has made great strides to redeem itself in recent years.

Kia Sportage – Spacious and practical
The Kia Sportage is a top pick for those who need a lot of space without sacrificing looks and functionality. Its spacious cabin and sizeable boot will easily accommodate all your holiday luggage, but the Sportage is also a surprisingly good-looking motor that’s as pretty as it is practical.

Toyota Supra – For the solo adventurer
The Toyota Supra is the perfect companion for solo road trippers. This sports car is not just about speed; it offers excellent ride comfort, state-of-the-art interior technology, and a powerful 3.0-litre engine. It’s designed for those who want a thrilling driving experience without compromising on comfort and could be the perfect ride for those unencumbered individuals who want to just hit the road and see where it takes them.