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The key advantages of having a great vacation and staying at a private luxury villa

When you stay in a villa, the entire property is for you and your group. You don’t have to share anything with people you don’t know. This is especially important after the covid pandemic.

People travel for various reasons. Some like to relax and enjoy the sunshine on a Mediterranean or a Southeast Asian island. Others love to see historical cities or enjoy adventure activities like mountain biking, camping, windsurfing, or scuba diving. There are people who travel also to see museums, art galleries, and theater.

The first thing most people will do when planning a trip is book their accommodation. The second would be getting the right travel insurance. This could be imperative to your vacation. This type of insurance can cover different scenarios that can happen to you and your family. Some of the features of a good travel insurance policy would be covers of medical expenses, cancellation coverage for missed tickets or departures, lost baggage and any difficulties that you may encounter on the trip. If you get injured or become ill, the first one is very important. 

Medical coverage
You need to be aware that the health coverage from your home won’t cover most health treatments and expenses in foreign countries. Especially if you have any existing conditions that could flare up on the trip, the travel insurance is must have. It could seem a bit unreal, but toothache can happen on your trip. A tooth can flare up and visiting the dentist in another country can get expensive. A good travel insurance plan will cover this. 

Lost baggage
In the case of a lost bag or a stolen bag, this can also be a life saver in another country. It can be really tricky to lose your things, and if you don’t want to ruin your vacation this type of coverage will be really beneficial as you will be able to buy the basics needed to spend the rest of the trip in an enjoyable way. 

Cancelled trip
Visiting another country can be easier than it looks. A lot of things can happen in your country or in the foreign country, so having this coverage can cover a lot. A natural disaster, a terror attack, accidents or injuries can happen and cancel your trip. This coverage will cover the trip costs and you will be able to use it for something order or for the trip at another time.

Traditionally, most vacationers book hotels, resorts, and apartments. However, more and more tourists are now exploring other options – like villas, for example. Here are some top reasons why you should stay in a luxury villa for rent at least once.

It is all yours
When you stay in a villa, the entire property is for you and your group. You don’t have to share anything with people you don’t know. This is especially important after the covid pandemic. So finally, with a villa, you can go on a vacation safely without worrying about the health aspect. Sharing a gym equipment or the same swimming pool could be risky because you don’t know who has used them before.

You will have full access to all the facilities and amenities on offer at the house. You will also have the full attention of all the staff members – the housekeeping people, chefs, butlers, the pool attendant, and others, which will make you feel pampered. For example, you can ask the chef to prepare food just like you prefer. You can also ask for special meals for the elderly people or kids in your group.

When you rent a villa in Cyprus or anywhere else, you will also have complete privacy. You can do anything you want while staying at the property. You don’t have to dress for dinner. If you want, you can even stay in your swimsuit to relax completely. Enjoy a picnic lunch on the manicured lawn, a poolside party, or a dinner barbecue under the stars. There won’t be any jostling for the sunbed beside the pool. There are no noisy neighbors to worry about.

Many vacationers don’t like to be seen when holidaying. They want their peace and solitude, which helps them relax and return completely refreshed for the daily grind. Only a villa offers this seclusion and privacy.

Stay and enjoy together
You will love a private villa if you are staying as a group of friends or if it’s a family reunion. Spread out across the villa and catch up on the old times. At hotels, you will never have so much space for a large group. Individual rooms can never accommodate so many people when you want to enjoy your time together. In hotels, the resources are always limited because all the guests have to share what is available. Large properties around the world will have hundreds of guests staying together, particularly in the peak season.

More amenities
Luxury villas offer a lot more amenities than most hotels and apartment complexes. They come with landscaped gardens, manicured lawns, outdoor barbecue areas, ponds, games, media rooms, library with books and movies, a personal living room and kitchen, and a lot more. There are terraces from where you can get stunning views. You will have the services of a personal butler, chef, and others.

More room
A room at a villa is considerably larger than the ones you have at hotels, which means you have more personal space. Quite often, you will have private balconies with sitting with the bedrooms. The fact is, many hotel rooms in costly cities like Hong Kong, Tokyo, Singapore, Paris, London, and NYC are so small that you have to keep your bags or luggage below the bed. A larger room allows you to spread out and relax. The common areas in villas are also only for you, so you have more personal space.

Stay with your pet
There are very few hotels around the world that accept pets. But in many villas you can stay with your four-legged furry friend. This is wonderful news for the pet owners who want to travel with them once in a while. The restaurants in these properties cater to them also on the terrace.

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