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The top five things to do during your next vacation in Spain

Here are the top things to do during your Spanish vacation that will ensure an exciting journey.

Sipping a cappuccino in a bustling courtyard, snacking on late-night snacks with friends, and delving into the steamy aura of a social club are just some of the must-dos on any trip to Spain. Cathedrals offer solace, and dancers delight in every corner of this modern nation among these must-see attractions. Spain is home to some of the world's best museums and restaurants, not to mention miles upon miles of stunning coastline. Nevertheless, here are the top things to do during your Spanish vacation that will ensure an exciting journey:

1. Visit some of the stunning Spanish beaches
Spain has more than 3,000 miles of beachfront, making it home to hundreds of beaches of all types and sizes, from little rocky coves to expansive expanses of sand and magnificent bays with spectacular rock formations. San Sebastián's La Concha beach, with its lovely promenade, is often regarded as one of the nicest urban beaches in Europe. In coastal cities, many of Spain's beaches are near places where trains and roads meet.

2. Go on an art adventure in Madrid
Spain has a stellar record in the world of art for developing a lot of the century's most celebrated creators, like Dal and Picasso. Nonetheless, these two are only a small part of amazing Spain. A tour of Madrid's famous art museums is important for getting a feel for the diversity of Spanish art.

3. Eat some Tapas
Among the many wonderful things about a vacation in Spain is the plethora of restaurants and cafes serving tapas. If you're going out to have tapas, be prepared to share. The group at the table orders a variety of small meals to share rather than each person purchasing their own meal. You can find a tapas bar just about everywhere in Spain, and some of them will offer you a free appetizer like olives with your drink.
Attend a live music concert.

If there are two universal truths about Spanish people, it's that they like popular music and social events. It might be one reason why Spain hosts a large number of the world's top music festivals. The biggest one is Primavera Sound, which supposedly takes place in Barcelona every spring or summer and features performances by artists as eclectic as Miley Cyrus, Lizzo, and Arcade Fire. Barcelona's Sónar Event has been going strong for over 30 years. It is known worldwide as the place to go if you like to cherish electronic music while enjoying a summer festival.
Learn Spanish.

Even while English speakers won't have any trouble getting around Spain, learning the intricacies of the local language will inevitably become a goal. Short courses that can be taken on a vacation, longer language courses, and multilingual language conferences offered often in major cities are just some of the various options for learning Spanish in Spain.

To conclude
Spain offers a wide variety of tourist attractions, from relaxing on sandy beaches to feasting on fine dining and seeing historical sites. This is a good start, but there is more to see and do in Spain than we've included here.

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