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Top games to play online while traveling

So, what shall one do while waiting in line or taking an 8-hour train ride? Play online games!

In July 2021, European Travel Commission released a paper claiming 2021 still won’t witness travel demand comparable to pre-pandemic years. Little did it know, people are more than ready to go back to normal and spend their time anywhere but home. Traffic jams on highways, crowded airports, and long queues in front of museums and other attractions were common sights this summer, and with increased vaccination rates, they will probably remain throughout the autumn and winter. So, what shall one do while waiting in line or taking an 8-hour train ride? Play online games!

According to Gilfred Helmonsen, an online gaming expert, one type of gaming takes the lead – online gambling. “Some market researches indicate the online gambling industry will experience a 12.3% revenue growth this year, just in the US. The reason for this is simple, unlike classic video games, online slot machines and poker can also bring you a financial boost, not to mention you can play them anytime and anywhere,” says Helmonsen. 

This industry insider explained online gambling rates peak during the traveling season. “People just have more time on their hands,” says Helmonsen and adds: “Also, if you have to choose between playing a game or wandering around overpriced airport stores, the decision is easy to make”, He also shared some of his favorite games with us, that are ideal for playing while traveling. 

Online slots
Games like King of Luck slot at NorskCasinoHex are all the rage among travelers of all generations. Spinning reels, stunning visual effects, cool features, and musical scores worthy of Hollywood blockbusters make online video slots the top choice among travelers. But, if you ask our interlocutor, there is more to them than just pretty looks. 

“Slots can simply put you in the right mood for wherever you are going! They come in all themes you can think of, so don’t hesitate to play tropical ones when visiting faraway islands, or jazz-slots with mobsters if you are flying to Chicago”, suggests Helmonsen. 

Jackpot games
Jackpot games are similar to slots but come equipped with life-changing prizes. For instance, Microgaming has awarded more than €1.45 billion since the inception of its jackpot network. Titles like Mega Moolah have advanced gaming mechanisms, as well as a prize pot that grows with every spin played. Essentially, the more people play a certain slot, the bigger the prize fund will be. 

However, before you start planning for your next vacation, paid fully by your jackpot winnings, it is important to understand these games are extremely volatile, meaning, the big prizes are not triggered more often than they are. When playing any type of gambling game, punters must never spend more than they can afford and have to keep control over the gaming process. 

The most popular card game in the world, poker, has also found its way to airports and long queues. More experienced poker players usually choose specialized platforms, but recreational gamers can also find it on plenty of online apps or online casinos. Gambling enthusiast and expert Gilfred Helmonsen considers poker to be the perfect traveling game if you know what you are doing. 

In his opinion, it is great if you can play at peace, without anyone disturbing you, otherwise, you better choose simpler games: “Poker players who participate in online tournaments simply can’t focus if they also have to keep an eye on the kids or the next bus station. If you have a lot on your mind, choose video poker or poker at live casinos, as they are much easier to handle”, Helmonsen concludes. 

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