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Top security trends in short-term vacation rentals

So, what are the newest security trends that can aid you in securing your property and protecting your guests.

Anyone managing rental properties, especially those focused on hosting short-term vacations, should look into new technology to support bookings, management, marketing, and security. New technology trends support entry, safety, security, and the monitoring of property condition and care.

Renting apartments, homes, or even a single room for a brief getaway, for many, has become a second or supplemental source of income. But along with the compensation, risks and security challenges are also a part of the package.

Security technology with wireless contactless arrivals and departures, video cameras, and noise management are now popular measures against health risks, damage, and theft.

So, what are the newest security trends that can aid you in securing your property and protecting your guests?

Smart locks for easy check-in and check-out
Aside from installing standard deadbolt locks on doors or high-security locks on windows or sliding glass doors, consider upgrading to smart locks. This type of technology offers multiple solutions, especially for short-term rentals. These lock systems permit owners to control remotely who can and cannot access a given property. The touchless door access control together with remote management capabilities facilitates entering and exiting.

With a smart lock system, your presence is not required for checking in or out. If you have more than one rental unit, seamless and convenient check-in at a front desk or reception is enabled, or you may even want to program your check-in with mobile devices.

Owners can establish and set access for the duration of a guest’s stay. When your guest leaves, the access permission is canceled. An app on your smartphone will show when your renter has accessed the lock. There is no longer a need for keys, copies of keys, or even to change locks when keys are lost.

This type of system will also allow you to grant access to technicians like plumbers or electricians, cleaning services, or deliveries to the property simply by modifying the access permission.

The benefits of wireless door locks are many and varied. Contactless lock systems facilitate check-in/out, housekeeping, maintenance, and overall security. They will also save you money and time because they require fewer staff to operate. You also won’t be spending money on keys or replacements, or on changing locks, meaning that safe locks eventually pay for themselves. You may also save on your home insurance with the introduction of these safety measures.

Doorbell cams and contactless video entrance
An entry intercom with door releases will allow you to greet guests remotely from anywhere. In the aftermath of the pandemic, video doorbells that ring without any contact whatsoever have been released, thus reducing health risks significantly.

Thanks to touchless activation, two-way audio, HD video, and video alerts in real-time, physical contact is a thing of the past. Other options include wired contactless doorbell systems with HD video, live view, two-way audio, and advanced motion detection sensors. You can now also customize privacy zones if renting a room or portion of your home.

Install an alarm and managed security system
A professionally installed system is preferable to you installing security cameras because DIY cameras may violate your client’s privacy. Professional security systems will operate as an effective security tool and can even be integrated with a smart lock system for an extra layer of protection.

A video surveillance system will prevent unauthorized people from entering your unit or the building or community where it is located. Cameras are strictly used on the outside and viewing outside activity can signal if your presence is warranted at the rental property site.

One credential for shared access
If your rental property is located in a building or community that has shared areas such as a gym, pool, or other spaces with restricted access, a single digital credential can grant you access, or through the use of mobile devices or because entered into a general system during check-in.

Carbon monoxide detectors
Carbon monoxide detectors for the invisible, odorless, and deadly gas connected with a monitored security service will automatically contact the proper authority should a leak be detected. This type of security can mean the difference between life and death and get your renters the necessary help in time. Also, add in a smoke alarm.

Noise reception devices
This type of device will alert you to noisy parties, as well as any potential disturbances of your neighbors, and will generally act as a deterrent when guests are informed of its presence.

Security lighting
Lighting may seem like a given, but numerous injuries due to poor lighting are the result of falls. Entrances, stairs, and hallways should be well-lit. A lighting system with motion sensors will alert the system as to when it should turn on or off. You may also find systems that are completely wireless, and solar-powered. App or voice-controlled systems will further enable easy operation.

In conclusion
Smart security devices are the way of the future and will ease both your burdens in managing and protecting a rental property as well as contribute to making your guests feel safer and hopefully encourage them to return.

Smart devices and security systems are a cost-effective method for real-time guest and property protection as well as an efficacious deterrent for thieves and damage. Don’t forget to advertise your security measures to increase your property’s bookings.

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