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Water hose is such an important part of caravan equipment

Traveling in a caravan is often a lesson of humility.

Caravanning – is it a way of traveling for everyone
You have to go caravanning outside the city for a weekend without much planning and see what it will be like. If after one night it "does not play in your soul", it may turn out that caravanning is not your world. Each modern caravan is equipped with a shower, toilet, comfortable bed, but these are not standard sizes as at home. You should keep that in mind. Traveling in a caravan is often a lesson of humility. On the other hand, the morning at sunrise on the shores of the ocean or a picturesque lake is such a wonderful experience that you forget about all inconveniences. You go out barefoot, with a cup of coffee outside, and enjoy the million-dollar views in silence. Caravanning requires time to fully appreciate its advantages. Why does camper travel take time? As a rule, a caravan is driven much slower than with a regular car. Caravanning gives you a feeling of freedom and independence, but only when you can enjoy it fully and you are in no rush. You should also prepare for it properly, in terms of the technical condition of the vehicle, its operation and equipment. Clothes, cleaning supplies, utensils and a first aid kit seem obvious. But do you remember about drinking water hose?

Why is drinking water hose so important in caravan equipment
Drinking water is a key part of your journey. You use it for drinking and cooking. You make sure that the quality of this water is as good as possible. However, you also need to take care of equipment such as a water tank and caravan drinking water hose. It provides you with freshwater intake. It must be the highest quality hose. It is to be sure that the water it supplies will be completely safe for consumption. That is why it is so important what materials drinking water hose is made of. Choose suppliers who have experience with this type of accessory, such as Flat Out International. It has been on the market for 20 years. At the Flat Out International online store you will find high-quality drinking water hose especially designed for caravans. The hoses have abrasion resistant woven jacket and potable PVC lining that meets requirements of the best possible rating – AS4020. Brass snap-on fittings complete the entire very durable construction of a hose. The end fittings are standard sized 12 mm and without any problems will connect to snap fitting attachments from other brands

How to store your drinking water hose while caravanning
Drinking water hose will provide you with drinking water during your trip. Therefore, you should take care to keep it clean, not to expose it to harmful weather conditions and creases that may lead to damages. Therefore, the best solution if you have a flat drinking water hose, such as the one from Flat Out International, is to store it on a hose reel. Thanks to this, it will take up very little space, it will always be clean, and you can quickly wind it up and unwind it. Hose reel can also be purchased at Flat Out International online store. If you do not have a hose reel and you do not plan to buy one, make sure that your drinking water hose always has a fixed, clean place in a boot of your caravan and that it is carefully rolled up after each use.

Photo by Blake Wisz on Unsplash

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