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What to write in business christmas cards

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Christmas is celebrated everywhere including a business environment and the best way to bring a Christmas celebration to an office is through Christmas cards. Christmas in a work environment is not the same as Christmas in a family environment. This is because the work environment is formal nonetheless, even though it’s Christmas time. There are hardly any gifts being shared in a work environment and as an employer or employee, one of the best gifts to give out to your colleagues is Christmas cards. At Boomf, there are Christmas cards for all your loved ones and you can always check them out because it is one of the most recommended sites.

Getting a business Christmas card is one thing but knowing what to write on such cards is another thing. Here are a few suggestions for business Christmas cards.

Various ways of making business cards unique

Keep it strictly formal but friendly: Colleagues, employers, and employees are strictly just that, especially in the work environment. Christmas cards for them should be friendly, but formal. As an employer, this depends on your relationship with your employees, and as an employee, it also depends on your relationship with the employer and your colleagues. The relationship is very important when drafting up Christmas cards in an office environment. In the best-case scenario, just draft a card that is formal and friendly.

Never be too personal in your cards: When drafting your cards, don’t draft a card that speaks to the person’s personal life, lean more into the person’s achievement in the office and how much you appreciate the person’s input throughout the year. When you want to get personal, mention things that are known in the entire office space and are relatable between the person and you.

Keep it short and simple: Don’t write an epistle, a poem, or even more than two paragraphs. Make sure to keep it short and simple, not more than a paragraph. The second paragraph could contain a PostScript that the person should take care of the children, their spouse, or even have fun with the family, just make sure to keep it short and simple. 

Business Christmas cards are not compulsory but necessary because it fosters good relationships with colleagues and it makes them feel more at home with the work they perform. This is why it is always advisable to get Christmas card designs that your colleagues will want to decorate their workspace.

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