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What you should know about naturist camping

If you are curious about taking a trip to a naturist campsite for the first time, read on to find out everything we have learned.

Naturist camping. Many love it, others are simply confused by it. Being nude and at one with the elements can be extremely satisfying and enjoyable for all types of people. Though, many of us are too scared or self-conscious to ever give it a go. We think naturist camping (and naturism in general) is something to be celebrated, not feared. If you are curious about taking a trip to a naturist campsite for the first time, read on to find out everything we have learned.

Why do people do it?
Spending time nude in nature is an extremely liberating and freeing experience. Many naturist camping regulars report wonderful feelings of closeness with nature, freedom of body and mind, and a sense of community and friendship found nowhere else. Exposing your skin to the elements also has many reported health benefits, plus, people at nudist campsites simply tend to be lovely! Does that sound like something you’d enjoy? If so, a guide to camping nude to get you started is all you need! Keep reading and start to plan your first adventure into naturism and exploring nude.

What about being self-conscious?
The most common hangup people have regarding camping nude – or any form of nudity for that matter – is the feeling of being self-conscious about their bodies. We seem hard-wired to compare our bodies to those of others and feel feelings of inadequacy or concern regarding our own appearance. A naturist campsite is not where you are going to find people like this. Naturists tend to be the most accepting of people, giving little regard to your size, shape, or other bodily features. After all, you’re all in this together, right? There tends to be very little judgment in the mind of a naturist, so try not to feel too self-conscious. Once you’ve spent time with your new naturist friends you’ll find these feelings slowly slip away.

What to expect at a naturist campsite
A naturist campsite, like many others, will be filled with all the facilities you need to have a great break away from home and work. For basics, you’ll have access to water, sanitation, secure camping areas, and communal areas. These staples will be found at every good campsite you find (some even have canvas tents to glamp in). They may also be filled with wonderful activities to undertake as a group, family, or solo. Some of the most popular organized activities at naturist campsites include nude hiking, sports, and swimming. Hiking is a particularly popular experience. Exploring more of nature, seeing and hearing the local sights and sounds, all whilst feeling free and happy. Swimming is, of course, a great leisure activity for the whole family. Many naturist campsites are near safe-swimming lakes or the coast for a bit of open water swimming, while many others have their own swimming facility. You certainly won’t find yourself bored or lonely at a naturist campsite.

Image by giovanni baldoni from Pixabay

Benefits of naturist camping
There are, as we briefly mentioned, some health benefits involved in naturist camping. The most commonly reported benefit is extra exposure to Vitamin D. Having most of your skin on show means sunlight will be hitting more of your body, allowing you to absorb and use more vitamin D. Vitamin D is great for skin and can even help slow down the effects of aging on your body. Another benefit, for the mind, is the feeling of increased confidence. As we have mentioned, nudists are not part of a judgmental community, but instead, welcome all types of people into their friendship groups. This helps to boost your confidence in yourself, your body, and your mind. This can have wonderful effects on a person’s mental health, leaving them refreshed and confident in their life outside of naturism.

First timer advice
The best thing to do as a beginner naturist is what you are already doing – research. Read about different campsites, their activities, the types of people who stay there. Reach out to some campsites you like the look of and ask them what you can expect to find there. See if any of the activities or groups sound suitable for you. Let them know you are a first-time camper and they’ll offer you their own advice. Once on-site you may find your first moments awkward, and that’s fine. Just remember you are not alone. If it helps, look at people in the eyes rather than looking at their body, you will soon get used to the nudity and begin to feel the enjoyment of your trip.

This short guide should help you make a decision on your first foray into nudist camping. We hope it has been helpful and that you find yourself motivated and ready to take your first trip. Enjoy your freedom and nude happiness!

Main image by Alexandr Ivanov from Pixabay