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What you should pack when traveling during the pandemic

COVID-19 pandemic, also known as Coronavirus pandemic, has spread throughout the planet, and many countries have implemented travel bans. Because of the pandemic, the reduced flights will bring significant imbalance in every country’s economy.

The experiences people get from traveling around the world are unparalleled. However, sometimes, traveling the globe requires travelers to be cautious.

Recently, a new pandemic spread throughout the world, which makes traveling much harder. COVID-19 pandemic, also known as Coronavirus pandemic, has spread throughout the planet, and many countries have implemented travel bans. Because of the pandemic, the reduced flights will bring significant imbalance in every country’s economy.

However, if you’re stuck somewhere in the world and trying to get back to your home country or if you have a travel permit for doing your job, there are some things you should know about – essentials to pack. 

Traveling during the pandemic outbreak is risky. Only by preparing yourself adequately, you can avoid potential health hazards. 

Here are some of the essential things everyone should pack when traveling during the pandemic outbreak:

1. Personal hygiene essentials and pills
During the pandemic outbreak, having personal hygiene essentials is crucial. There’s no need to mention how important it is to keep your hygiene levels at optimum every day. During the pandemic, people should take these levels to a much higher margin. The body’s immune system levels must be as high as possible to lower the risk of potential contagion.

By keeping your personal hygiene habits at bay, you’ll have fewer chances of catching a viral infection. Therefore, having your personal hygiene items ready and using them more frequently than usual is the first line of defense.

If you’re wondering why washing your hands, as well as brushing your teeth to avoid dental infections, is essential, here’s an explanation. Any bacterial or viral infection will, one way or another, try to breakdown the body’s immune system. When that happens, the body becomes more susceptible to other infections. Therefore, keeping your hygiene habits at the maximum level, while continually cleaning and disinfecting everything, is of utmost importance.

Besides these, more or less, there are other things that people tend to forget to bring even in less dire circumstances. Painkiller drugs, vitamins, and travel-caused nausea drugs are good to have since you can never know if you’ll need them.

2. Clothes and shoes that you really need
Overpacking for a trip during the global pandemic outbreak is not something people should do. Nevertheless, there are always some people that’ll overpack. With all the extra luggage, bringing extra stuff that you won’t probably use will only make the trip harder for you.

People that travel during the global pandemic usually go because of their profession, like doctors, government officials, military, and others. It’s important to remember that traveling during the pandemic is not a leisure trip, which means you shouldn’t carry unnecessary leisure stuff. 

Bringing essential things, like an elegant suit, jeans, shirts, towels, and a pair or two of shoes is okay. If you prefer to wear something comfortable for every day with short sleeves, aviation t shirts are an excellent choice.

When it comes to shoes, you should only think of the ones that’ll help you go throughout the day comfortably. Extra pairs that you can combine with all kinds of clothes should be avoided to save space in your luggage. After all, you most likely won’t be traveling for fun since, during the COVID-19 outbreak, you won’t be allowed to go.

3. Hand sanitizers and alcohol-based tissue wipes
Although hand-sanitizers may be considered as personal hygiene items, they’re not something that everyone carries all the time in normal circumstances. In the case of a viral pandemic, like the Coronavirus, hand sanitizers are one of the best ways to keep your hands clean and save yourself from potential infection.

The main suggestion from the WHO is that people must thoroughly scrub and wash their hands every time they can. However, when it happens that you have no soap and water available, a hand sanitizer gel is an excellent substitute as long as you scrub your hands for at least 20 seconds. Hence, make sure that you pack a pocket hand sanitizer along with a larger, travel bottle.

It’s worth mentioning that items like hand sanitizers can become scarce throughout the world. A lot of time can pass until the countries manage to stabilize their production after extremely high demand wave. That’s why it’s crucial to always bring your hand sanitizer from home with you instead of relying on buying one in the country you’re visiting.

Another essential item you should pack for your trip during the pandemic is a package of alcohol-based tissues. Tissue wipes are crucial since you’ll need to use them to clean the surfaces you’ll come in contact with, like doorknobs, seats on the plane, and even your mobile phone. 

Disinfection is essential during the viral infection pandemics since some viruses can survive for a long time on various surfaces, like metal, wood, etc.

4. Modern, 21st century gadgets and other essentials
People nowadays can’t imagine leaving their house or even the living room without a smartphone in their hands. It’s even harder to imagine going on a trip to another country during a live pandemic situation without the essential devices, like a smartphone, laptop, tablet, etc. All these gadgets give us the possibility to communicate with our families and friends instantly, and communication is the foundation of the 21st century’s civilization.

When it comes to essential gadgets that people may need for such a trip, they include the things people carry with themselves anyway, like a smartphone and a charger, laptop, headphones, etc. Of course, advanced users will undoubtedly bring a power bank as well so they could charge their devices when there are no electricity sources available or while they’re on the go.

Before regular traveling resumes, and in case you need to travel during the pandemic outbreak, you must carefully think about all the things you should pack. 

Other than basic vitamins and pills, think of packing your luggage as light as possible. Bring only the essential clothing and shoes, but make sure to pack all the gadgets you’ll need on your trip like chargers, headphones, etc. Having a hand sanitizer, alcohol-based tissue wipes, face masks, and disposable gloves are crucial to have as well. 

In case you’re traveling abroad, make sure you bring along all the necessary travel documents and a valid passport.