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2nd Asia Pacific Travel&Entertainment Management Summit 27th -28th March 2007, Shanghai, China

Date: 27th -28th March 2007, Shanghai

Venue: Marriott Hotel Hongqiao Shanghai
Website: 2nd Asia Pacific T&E Management Summit

Travel & Entertainment (T&E thereafter.) in China has constantly been a buzz word in the recent years. In reality, professionals have realized the importance of travel management system, since it helps the corporate constantly control T&E cost, and plan efficient business trips for their business travelers. “The First Annual Asia Pacific T&E Management Summit” has witnessed the enthusiasm from the corporate travel arrangers, both from multinational companies as well as from leading Chinese companies. Nowadays, many companies pay more attention to the practical operations on how to reduce travel expenditure through internal T&E management system.

“The Second Annual Asia Pacific T&E Management Summit” organized by JF Pearson will be focusing on leading companies’ best practice of how to efficiently establish and apply their internal T&E management systems. Senior officers from world-famous companies such as Siemens, HP, and BP will share their successful experience in this grand event.

Why you should attend

Due to the advent of economic globalization, more and more corporations are facing great pressure on handling huge travel expenditure occurred in the business trip. Research shows travel and entertainment (T&E) is second only to payroll as the largest area of discretionary expense in a corporate budget, which consumes one of third in the amount of discretionary expense. Here, many corporations are realizing the importance of organizing travel management system; because it may help corporations constantly monitor and control T&E costs, plan efficient, relaxing and safe business trip for their business travelers. Therefore, the second annual Asia Pacific T&E management summit will show you what travel planners and other related people can do to bring travel expenditure back down the earth.

As first annual summit showed the overview T&E management concepts and strategies based on Asia Pacific and global areas, the second annual summit will be more focusing on practical strategies and the best practice case studies with 16 sessions of how leading companies efficiently establish and apply its T&E management system to control the total T&E costs. In the summit, you will learn such practices as establishing travel expense reporting system, retaining travel suppliers relationship, managing corporate card, managing internal cooperation on supplier selection, trip planning, and internal on-line booking management and so on.

Moreover, you will also communicate with famous business travel service providers on discussing how both of the parties may work together and make internal T&E management to be more systemic and humanization so that you may gain total control over your T&E expense to boost your bottom line impact. As a whole, you will be beneficial from this productive summit, covering topical subjects with plenty of opportunities to share best practices with participations who have experience with the issue we may be encountering for the first time.

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