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Always admired wherever found


IONIA can proudly claim leadership in the Greek market. With 90% of brand awareness, it manufactures porcelain in Greece since 1972. Ledra Marriott, Athenaeum Intercontinental, Athens Hilton, Holiday Inn, Louis Hotels, Chandris Hotels, Maris Hotels, Minoan Lines, ANEK Lines and ALPHA BANK are some of the clients, IONIA is proud of supplying with its porcelain tabletop products.

Exporting its products to a number of countries in Europe, Middle East , Africa and USA , IONIA has organized a full network of wholesalers supporting them from its headquarters in Athens.

IONIA is a nominated supplier of the Golden Tulip Hotels and the Intercontinental Hotels Group and an official supplier of Auto Grill Switzerland and Mediterranean Shipping Co in Italy and Switzerland.


Every member of IONIA team shares a common vision and a single aspiring objective to provide our customers with the very best product. Skilled and well-trained professionals , masters of the secrets of porcelain, invest their artistry in unique creations.

Every piece that comes out from the factory is distinguished for its high quality and durability. Extended quality controls ensure that Ionia`s items are made from excellent raw materials, resistant to continuous use. The in glaze decoration method, the special design of the items and the enhanced corners and edges are some of the details that make Ionia`s porcelain last for many years.

Ionia combines quality with functionality. Stackable items and items that can be used for multiple purposes save you money and space.


Function and design are given equal emphasis in the manufacturing of our authentic products. Our in-house creative team tries to meet the needs of our customers and combine the results with aesthetically unique decorative elements.

For our white products we collaborate with distinguished designers and ceramic artists like David Queensberry, Hans Wilhelm Seitz , Nicolas Nicolaou and Michael Anastassiades, each of them happy to grace our products with his own personal touch and signature.

Whichever your need and demand, IONIA can claim the ability to satisfy you and create your own unique collection with logos and decoration to suit your place and aesthetics.


P. Makri 2A & Halkidos Str., 111 43 Athens
Tel.: (+30) 210 – 259 3600
fax: (+30) 210 – 259 1690

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