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Meet Greece with us! Live it and won’t leave

Whatever you have told, heard, or read nothing compares to what you will live.

The definition of the word planet, derives from the ancient Greek phrase «πλανῆτες ἀστέρες» (wandering stars), in contrast with the stars themselves which seem to be immutable in the heavenly sphere (where the expression «ἀπλανεῖς ἀστέρες» “fixed stars” comes from). Hence, we established Planet Bus travel so as to be able to organize your roaming throughout Greece as well as the world, showcasing and presenting the beauty there is. Our aim is the better serve of our customers. All of us in Planet Bus Travel have been working in the industry of tourism for many years.

Let us guide you and feel smell see hear touch sense taste the beauty of Greece.

History, Sea and sun, Mountains, Activities such as biking, hiking, diving, Wine experience Religious tourism are the minimum you can experience in Greece.

Rich history: the whole country a history. Attica the heart of the civilized world. Eastern Macedonia and Thrace a multi-cultural heritage area, Central Macedonia where Alexander the Great was born, Western Greece the birthplace of the Olympic games, Central Greece with Delphi which was believed to be the Navel of the earth, Peloponnese with Mycenaean period and its Byzantine and Frankish castles.

Sea and sun: South Aegean, islands white and blue, North Aegean islands untouched nature, Crete and the Minoan civilization, Ionian Islands with the turquoise waters. Greece is surrounding by sea.

Activities: Biking All over Greece hotels has become friendly to cyclists providing not only bicycles but also mapped routes in order to explore the place. Municipalities also become bike friendly promoting sustainable development. Choose among Kos, Chios, Alexandroupoli, Rethymno, Skiatho, Lero, Edessa. Try the difference

Wine experience: visit vineyards. A mystical atmosphere, a journey through time…Visitors can enjoy a guided tour experience and choose one of the tasting experiences. 

Yachting Luxury tourism the ultimate joy Sail to the Greek Islands. Explore the blue waters of the Aegean or the Turquoise waters of the Ionian Islands.
Choose your Yacht and live one memorable week.

Our buses:

Our occupation with transport has been counting for 30 years and our main priority is the safe and convenient transfer of tourists from airports, ports, hotels.

A fleet divided into different categories according to the number of seats can serve and cover all your transportation needs. Taxi, Limousine, Mini-van, Small or Big Coach can pick you up from the airport, the harbor or any marina upon your arrival and transfer you to your destination.

Transfers from and to airport can be arranged as well as any kind of tour you
might need.

Do not hesitate to contact us for any request.

Find us:
1, Santaroza street – 105 64 Athens Greece
Tel. +30 210 3241483, +30 2103257637



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