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Veico Car Rental commits to universal accessibility offering assistive devices free of charge

Veico Car Rental

With this initiative, Veico Car Rental solidifies its position as a leader in accessible and customer-focused car rental services. By improving the travel experience for all, Veico sets new standards for inclusivity and excellence in the industry, ensuring that every customer can enjoy the convenience and freedom of car rentals.

GUADALAJARA, JALISCO, MEXICO – Veico Car Rental, a leader in Mexico’s car rental industry, unveils an innovative and far-reaching initiative that serves as a testament to its commitment to universal accessibility and the highest standards of customer service. Effective September 26, 2023, Veico Car Rental will provide complimentary assistive devices to customers with special needs, marking a historic milestone as the first company in Mexico to offer such a service.

At the core of Veico Car Rental’s initiative lies the fundamental principle of providing accessibility to all customers, irrespective of their unique requirements. As of today, customers have the
option to request assistive devices such as the ‘Portable Manual Car Control Device’ and ‘Steering Wheel Spinner Knobs’ at no additional cost.

In Mexico, a nation home to 6,179,890 individuals facing various forms of disability, specific transport accessibility regulations are notably absent. The current Mexican regulations, marked
by their generality, do not mandate the provision of the assistive devices Veico now offers. This underscores Veico’s proactive commitment to comprehending and addressing the distinct needs
of its Mexican clientele.

Isaac Salas, Director of Operations at Veico Car Rental, underscores the company’s commitment by stating, “At Veico Car Rental, we hold a firm belief in equal accessibility for all our customers. This initiative underscores our dedication to delivering exceptional service that is tailored to the unique needs of each customer. We are happy to lead the way in Mexico and hope this initiative serves as a catalyst for other companies to champion inclusion and accessibility.”

The mentioned assistive devices are available for loan with every car rental and can be requested when booking on or by contacting Veico’s customer service hotline. While it is advisable to request these devices at least 24 hours in advance of vehicle pickup, Veico’s commitment to accommodating requests remains steadfast, even if this time frame cannot be met.

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