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Hotel Equities forges strategic partnership with Trust Hospitality to propel CALA expansion

Hotel Equities

With a keen eye on emerging opportunities in the CALA markets and worldwide, Trust is poised to pioneer a new era in resort and hotel management with many new developments on the horizon.

ATLANTA – Hotel owner, operator and developer, Hotel Equities announced a strategic partnership with Trust Hospitality. The collaboration positions Hotel Equities as the operational engine, facilitating the expansion of its portfolio in the U.S. and into new markets with heavy emphasis on the Caribbean and Latin America (CALA), while empowering Trust Hospitality’s principals to focus on cultivating their portfolio and leveraging their longstanding relationships within the CALA regions.

“The synergy between our two organizations complement each other’s expertise to create a formidable partnership,” said Brad Rahinsky, President and CEO of HE. “With this level of collaboration and talent, our combined teams are poised to accelerate our growth in CALA rather quickly.”

Founded by industry veterans Richard Millard and Michael Register, Trust garnered recognition for its exceptional management and visionary approach in the lifestyle, independent and branded hospitality landscape.

“I firmly believe this partnership will mark our most transformative and impactful endeavor,” said Richard Millard, co-founder of Trust. “Our industry stands on the brink of profound change, and we are committed to playing an integral role in shaping its future. We must nurture the next generation of hotel leaders and elevate existing associates. I am impassioned by our industry’s potential, and now is the time for operators to modernize processes, invest in education, and empower our teams for the 21st century. Hotel Equities embodies the vigor, ambition, and ethos required to lead this charge, and I am thrilled and humbled to join forces with them. Brace yourselves; our journey has only just begun!”

HE entered the Canadian market in 2016 assuming management of two hotels. Since then, the company has grown its Canada portfolio to 44 hotels spanning Coast to Coast with a robust Canadian led corporate team that supports almost 700 associates. HE has long aspired to explore the CALA markets and the opportunity presented by Trust aligns seamlessly with HE’s vision. By joining forces with Trust at this pivotal juncture, HE aims to infuse value and expertise from the outset, playing an instrumental role in helping Trust drive performance and drive value for owners.

“When our team initially entered Canada, we learned quickly that having in-market Canadian led corporate teams supporting our owners and associates was key to our success,” said Bryan DeCort, HE’s COO. “Collectively, we have begun mapping our integration strategy to ensure we thoughtfully support our new operations in the CALA region.”

“The significance of selecting the right partners cannot be overstated and we’ve certainly found them in Richard and Michael,” said HE’s Chief Development Officer, Joe Reardon. “Our partnership with Trust Hospitality presents an ideal synergy that is perfectly aligned with our vision and brings our owner-centric hospitality platform and talented F&B acumen to the region.”

By harnessing the combined expertise of HE and Trust, the partnership is set to usher in a new era of excellence and innovation, while reshaping the hospitality landscape in the CALA markets and beyond. The partners shared they are anxious to announce some of the opportunities they have been working towards with an announcement likely to take place in Q2.

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