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AC Hotel Nice by Marriott receives prestigious Green Key label

  • AC Hotel Nice by Marriott
    AC Hotel Nice by Marriott

The AC Hotel Nice by Marriott is fully committed to sustainable tourism and is honored to receive the prestigious Green Key label.

The AC Hotel Nice, a member of the Marriott group, is fully committed to sustainable tourism and is honored with the prestigious Green Key label. It is a tremendous source of pride for the entire team, highlighting their dedication to the environment and their involvement in a resolutely sustainable tourism approach. The Green Key is the first international environmental label for tourist accommodation and restaurants, recognizing establishments that adopt effective environmental management and responsible practices across precisely 119 criteria spread over 7 themes.

By showcasing these environmentally friendly initiatives, the Green Key certification plays a crucial role in encouraging the tourism industry to adopt more sustainable and responsible approaches, while providing a reference of excellence to stimulate continuous improvement in environmental performance.

To meet the strict criteria of the Green Key label and in a continuous improvement initiative, the hotel has undertaken several concrete actions in recent months, including:

Reduction of plastic waste :

  • Elimination of individual plastic bottles in rooms in favor of mineral water packaged in Tetra Pak cartons.
  • Water fountains are now a sustainable alternative to bottled water at the reception and in seminar rooms.
  • In rooms, guests use dispensers for natural and vegan cosmetic products from the KORRES brand,
  • replacing individual single-use plastic packaging.

Control of water consumption :

  • 30% reduction in the water flow of the hotel’s overall water consumption.

Smart waste management :

  • “Zero Waste” goal for our seminars and banquets.

Optimization of energy resources :

  • Recent and ongoing works improve the building’s performance, particularly in terms of insulation and piping.

Promotion of sustainable mobility :

  • The hotel has 18 parking spaces equipped with charging stations for electric cars in its private parking lot.
  • Bicycles and electric scooters are available for guests of the hotel.

Eco-friendly local partnerships :

  • Sponsorship of beehives through the “Un toit pour les abeilles” (A Roof for Bees) movement for local and bee-friendly beekeeping.
  • Partnerships with the “Paddle Cleaner”

“This is a fantastic achievement that demonstrates our commitment to sustainable operations for the preservation of environmental resources. We are privileged to be located in the Mediterranean, at the heart of a geographically rich and biodiverse region; awareness and sustainable management efforts are essential to protect these unique ecosystems. Our teams have made tremendous efforts to succeed in the rigorous application and audit process of the Green Key. I want to congratulate everyone involved.” saya Nicolas Martin, Director of the AC Hotel Nice.

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