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Central Hersonissos Hotel in Crete, is proud to launch the 3rd stage of its 4-level renovation plan

Opened in 1988, the Central Hersonissos was operated by the Giannoulakis family as a family business under the name Dimico Hotel.

Central Hersonissos Hotel in Crete, continues with the third project of the extended 4 phase renovation plan. The works include revampment of the common areas and triple rooms and implementation of new quality guidelines for the staff.

Having successfully completed 50% of an extensive renovation project, the 3 star hotel Central Hersonissos has just started the 3rd and very important stage, scheduled to be completed in April 2015. The main goal is to further reduce the energy footprint of the hotel as well as continue improving the guests’ accommodation experience.

Opened in 1988, the Central Hersonissos was operated by the Giannoulakis family as a family business under the name Dimico Hotel. After an operation of more than 20 years, the next generation of the family took on the management of the property and a new era begun. New plans, new ideas began to be implemented, materializing a new hospitality vision.

The first renovation stage started in November 2012 and was completed in April 2013. The hotel’s piping system was completely replaced and all the bathrooms were renovated, including brand new tiles and sanitary ware.

The balcony door frames were replaced for thermal insulation. Also, lamps begun being replaced with energy saving LED bulbs. In addition, solar panels and air-to-water heat pumps were installed in order to reduce the hotel’s ecological footprint. All the above were accompanied with the renaming of the hotel from Dimico to Central Hersonissos, marking the beginning of major changes and improvements.

During last winter, from November 2013 until April 2014, the 41 of Central Hersonissos Hotel’s standard rooms located in the main building, were completely renovated and upgraded to superior rooms. Apart from the new infrastructure and new furniture, all the soft furnishings were replaced, chosen with the aim of providing the guests with a brand new experience in an elegant, refined and cozy ambience. Together with the renovations, a number of business quality improvements have taken. A new corporate identity was introduced, framed with a new website and the implementation of new, professional and friendly customer care practices. A new Department of Customer Service and Reputation Management was recruited and the hotel created and successfully supported an online presence on all popular social media platforms.

The third phase of the renovation is scheduled to take place from November 2014 until April 2015. The project includes a complete facelift for all common areas as well as the triple rooms. A number of improvements are also planned for the buffet area as well as for the restaurant menu. The Staff will be retrained and quality guidelines will be followed in the housekeeping and food & beverage departments.

The final renovation stage, programmed for 2015-2016, will include a complete facelift of the hotel’s exterior as well as the development of a number of initiatives using environmentally friendly technology.

The CEO of Central Hersonissos Hotel, Dimitris Giannoulakis stated: “We have finalized the two first phases of our four-stage renovation program and we have just begun the third stage. All renovation works are carried out during the winter months in order to avoid inconvenience to guests. The first two phases have been costed at approximately 600.000 Euros and we estimate that another million Euros will be spent by April 2016. We have done significant work on creating a casual and relaxing environment and at the same time we offer high quality, friendly services. We have improved the satisfaction levels of our guests, and we strongly believe that during 2015 we will reach our main goal, which is to further improve our facilities and services, in order to fulfill and exceed our visitors’ expectations.”

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