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Hotelier Summit Africa (North) returns for the 2017 edition

The initiative aims to underscore Africa’s rapidly growing hospitality and real estate market, which is attracting increased interest from international investors, developers and occupiers. The hospitality sector in Africa is set to grow by approximately four per cent each year for the next three years.

AL RABAT, MOROCCO – With the African continent gaining traction in the hotel, retail and real estate sector, IDE Consulting Services, a leading real estate solutions provider, will host the 2017 edition of Hotelier Summit Africa (North) from October 4th-6th in Morocco.

The prime emphasis of this conclave will be to facilitate consultations between shareholder, owners and investors as well as build a platform for African Governments and African Investors to learn how to make projects bankable.

Some investors, experts, consultants, successful storytellers will also address the floor to explain about the scale of projects they are expecting from Morocco and other African countries for them to invest in.

Morocco will be presented as the initiator and a prime destination in the continent, hosting the event as a hub for Investors and African countries to promote business relations and learn from each other’s experiences.

“Africa, particularly the Northern region, has seen several developments in the past few years. However, it has been observed that areas as financial planning, project execution and more importantly the implementation of sustainable measures need better policies to be effective.

At IDE, we seek to radically change this through engaging in actionable conversations with people who walk the talk. The Hotelier Summit Africa (North) this year has been directed towards regrouping the investors, property owners, developers and other stakeholders of the real estate landscape to gather on one platform to discuss project feasibilities from conceptualization to completion.

Our objective is for Africa to be looked up to as one of the most progressive regions of growth on the global real estate map” said Ravi Kumar Chandran, Director at IDE.

13th Edition Hotelier Summit–Africa will witness the gathering of hundreds of thoughtful, iconoclastic leaders from around the continent that include C-suite investors, Govt. officials, high net worth individuals, hotel owners & developers, hotel operators, architects, interior designers, project management consultants, design consultants, procurement professionals, advisory specialists and sustainability experts. These parties will be engaged in face-to-face meetings with the investors and suppliers from all over the globe.

"In the 13th Edition Hotelier Summit, Africa we intend to host the Honorarium Grand on a larger scale, recognizing the key contributors to the hospitality industry in Northern and Western Africa and in turn revealing the Hospitality Power List for the year 2017” concluded Ravi Kumar Chandran.

Positioned as the ideal gateway to figuring your company’s growth and development trajectory in the African hospitality sector, Hotelier Summit Africa (North) is wholly dedicated to easing market accessibility, providing insights on market nuances, finalising contractual work and speeding up procurement activities.

Presented by IDE, a global real estate solutions firm, whose summits are procurement driven to connect suppliers from all across the globe with the leaders of the hospitality sector. The Summit will accommodate leading companies and emerging business entities from North Africa and around the region.

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