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In Residence by Pieter Brundyn expands its portfolio of award-winning luxury villas to Greece

In Residence by Pieter Brundyn Villa Lianne


The leading lifestyle management company of serviced villas now includes the very best collection of getaways on 22 Greek islands including Antiparos, Kea, Crete, Paros, Mykonos, and Santorini. 

CAPE TOWN, SOUTH AFRICA – In Residence​ by Pieter Brundyn, a premium lifestyle management company offering an international portfolio of immaculate luxury villas supported by premier in-house concierge services, announces its expansion into Greece. The company hand-selected more than 40 properties across 22 of the country’s most sought after islands to join the collection including Antiparos, Crete, Hydra, Paros, Mykonos, Naxos, Santorini, and Kea to name a few. From magical ocean sunsets to endless summer nights, world-class entertainment, and bespoke cuisine, In Residence takes care of every detail from touchdown to take-off and wherever you choose in-between. The latest collection of architecturally arresting properties to join the company’s exclusive portfolio of high-end villas offer a range of options that can accommodate as few as four guests to more than 20. With its presence in Greece, In Residence brings to the destination a service-first model, which offers guests an elevated hospitality experience, and serves as a conduit for cultural exploration and catalyst for self-discovery.
In Residence was founded by Pieter Brundyn in 2015 as a luxury B2B villa rental company. Leveraging years of building long-term, personal relationships in Cape Town’s luxury real estate, art, and culinary scenes, Brundyn has built an infrastructure capable of tending to the micro-details of every stay, enabling a 360-degree, holistic approach to hospitality that rivals that of the best hotels around the world, and leaves no need unmet.
The expansion of In Residence into Greece offers our travelers the luxury accommodations, uncompromised privacy, and personalized experiences we are known for in one of the world’s most magical destinations,” said Pieter Brundyn, CEO at In Residence. “The latest selection of villas provides guests access to the best of the iconic Greek islands, from miles of pristine beaches to history and culture and some of the world’s finest culinary offerings. From South Africa to Greece and beyond, In Residence is dedicated to trailblazing the path for the future of the villa lifestyle– for both guests and owners alike — for years and many more destinations to come.”
In Residence is especially thrilled to highlight the lesser-known Greek island of Kea, with three new villa highlights below:

Villa Lianne
Villa Lianne is a brand-new, five-bedroom estate on the Greek island of Kea, located on a secluded hilltop offering mesmerizing views of the Aegean. The whitewashed facades and the local stone walls, combined with the natural oak tree surroundings, make Villa Lianne the perfect setting for a peaceful stay and a memorable vacation. The architect of the villa is Mr. George Tzenakis. He is a dentist, but he loves the world of architecture and did both this villa's exterior and interior design. Villa Lianne offers some of the most unique views on the island and can't be compared with the other villa options available. The villa is split in various levels; on the ground floor there are living and dining areas, a fully equipped kitchen and four bedrooms. The upper level features an office complete with two computers for guests to use and a built-in sofa. The lower level features a unique selection of amenities including a hammam, gym, table tennis, a wine cellar and a playroom.

Villa Julia
Villa Julia is a seven-bedroom stunning new construction ideal for accommodating the indoor-outdoor island lifestyle. Located on a rigid hill in the Koundouros area of Kea, the villa was designed by Christos Vlachos, a distinguished Greek architect known for his unparalleled attention to detail and the quality of construction in each of his projects across Kea and the Cycladic islands. Villa Julia’s architectural design features modern interiors with a magnificent blend of stone, wood and glass which creates a sophisticated yet comfortable and cozy atmosphere for guests to enjoy. To experience the best of island life, Villa Julia features indoor sitting areas that open up to a beautiful and spacious deck that offers panoramic views of the sea. The outdoor kitchen is perfect for poolside entertaining, and features a sophisticated and interactive entertainment system. The interior design by the renowned Greek designer George Efthimiou perfectly complements the rich brown stoned Villa exterior, captivating panoramic sea view, soothing blue skyline colors, and the rocky cliff side on which the magnificent property is located. This villa is situated just above Kambi Beach, near Koundouros Village, on the southwest coast of Kea, overviewing the calm side of the Aegean Sea.

Villa Grace
Villa Grace with its natural stone surfaces, clean lines and modern amenities offers a unique summer experience for couples or small families looking for international standards of luxury with a local twist. This modern waterfront villa unfolds around a preexisting windmill and occupies an exceptional plot of land in the area of Koundouros. Complete with a privileged sea view setting and private sea access, Villa Grace is just a short drive away from the island’s famous Koundouros Beach, a lively area with watersports, beach bars and several dining options. The iconic windmill was converted into a double master bedroom offering views and style, while the rest of the interior follows simple yet exceptionally tasteful designs boasting bright colors and large openings to enjoy the breathtaking views.

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