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New tool allows quick emergency access to hotel rooms

InventHelp, a leading inventor service company, is working to submit Security Latch Opener to companies for their review.

PITTSBURGH – Intromark Incorporated introduces the Security Latch Opener, the latest innovation in hotel and motel security and safety. Door security latches have become a necessary measure of additional protection for guests at a hotel or motel. However, in some emergency instances, a door security latch can be an obstacle to saving a life. With the Security Latch Opener, guests can still rely on door security latches for protection while feeling confident that, if an emergency situation would arise, the proper authorities can quickly and easily gain entrance to their rooms and assist them.

If a guest cannot make it to the door or cannot release the security latch because of personal injury, unconsciousness, fire or other emergency situations, rescuers could save that guest's life in just seconds with the Security Latch Opener by avoiding a struggle to break down the door. Because it is lightweight and compact, the Security Latch Opener can be easily carried by hotel or motel security, firemen, medical units or police.

By eliminating the need to break the door and the security latch, using the Security Latch Opener can save the hotel or motel money which would ordinarily be spent on costly repairs. In addition, the Security Latch Opener could help reduce insurance costs for hotel or motel owners.

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