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The Best Hotels in Montenegro Awards 2023 announced

  • Villa Milocer AMAN Resort
    Villa Milocer AMAN Resort
  • Dukley Hotel & Resort
  • The Chedi Lustica Bay
  • One&Only Resorts Portonovi

Montenegro Luxury Association, dedicated to improvement of luxury tourism in Montenegro, proudly presents 14 gems of Montenegrin hospitality.

Montenegro Luxury Association presents the Crème de la crème of Montenegro’s hospitality industry – the 14 carefully chosen hotels that have set the bar for excellence in the realm of luxury travel. These establishments, renowned for their exceptional service, precision in details, premium culinary and beverage offerings and unforgettable guest experiences, have been handpicked to receive the prestigious The Best Hotels in Montenegro AWARD 2023.

Montenegro Award 2023

So let’s cut the chase and go straight to the list…

The Best of the Best
  • One&Only Resorts Portonovi – Elevate your senses to a new luxury tier, where opulence and Boka Bay’s allure draw near.
  • Villa Milocer AMAN Resort – Nature’s secret, the Queen’s retreat, serene and pure, it’s a royal treat.
  • Regent Porto Montenegro – In a world of luxury that’s simply surreal, a hotel with a marine view is, the real deal.
  • The Chedi Luštica Bay – Luxury reigns in the Lustica bay’s embrace, a truly special place.
  • Lazure Hotel & Marina – Seaside serenity, where tradition and modernity blend in eternity.
  • Maestral Resort Casino – Thrills, excitement, and luxury galore, where every moment is worth much more.
  • Mamula Island – Unique historical place and luxury fort to embrace in grace.
  • Villa Geba Boutique Hotel – Exclusive privacy, vistas, and relaxation, with guests satisfied to perfection.
  • Hilton Podgorica Crna Gora – Urban splendor and modern luxury in the heart of Capital city.
  • Stara Čaršija Hotel & SPA – Superior space where every detail weaves tales of a bygone era.
  • Dukley Hotel & Resort – A lavish oasis in Budva’s heart, where guests relax and depart their heart.
  • Hyatt Regency Kotor Bay Resort – A grand luxury retreat by the bay, with ultimate service that ensures guests a memorable stay.
  • Heritage Grand Perast Hotel – Mesmerizing palace in the timeless gem, with royal prestige and despicable glam.
  • Nikki Beach Resort & Spa Montenegro – Where beachfront elegance and parties enthrall, anunforgettable exp erience for one and all.
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