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New Brazil visa policy for Americans requires submission of travellers’ bank account information


This new visa will stay in effect for 10 years for US citizens and five years for Canadian and Australian travelers.

Effective January 10, 2024, American tourists planning to visit Brazil will face new visa requirements. The Brazilian Government has implemented a policy necessitating an online visa application, accompanied by a fee of $80. This visa grants entry for up to 10 years, as reported by the travel blog View From the Wing. However, the application process now demands more detailed financial disclosure from travelers.

Applicants must present a month’s worth of bank statements, verifying a minimum balance of $2,000. Additionally, the process requires showing flight reservations, including arrival and departure times. The purpose behind these stringent requirements is to ensure that visitors possess sufficient financial means for their stay.

The new policy extends beyond American travelers, also affecting visitors from Canada and Australia. These regulations aim to regulate short-term travel, allowing a stay of up to 90 days from the date of entry in Brazil.

The inclusion of bank statements in the visa application process has sparked controversy. The Brazilian government mandates submission of two consecutive months of bank statements, with a minimum balance threshold set at $2,000. This requirement, viewed as an intrusion into personal financial data, has raised concerns among potential visitors.

For travel and hospitality professionals, this change represents a significant shift in Brazil’s approach to managing incoming tourism. The impact on travel patterns and the hospitality sector in Brazil remains to be seen. Industry experts are advised to monitor these developments closely, as they could influence travel planning and advisory services for clients heading to Brazil.

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