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Some of the reviews about, which you can easily find on the Internet by yourself.

Reviews about lawyers
Immigration is not just a regular word; it appears to be one of the most relevant solutions to make one’s life better. supports applicants in their decision to become an EU resident. The company works in accordance with the law and can guarantee legal support to every client. Reviews about Migrationcentr and a real information about its support you will find below in the article. 

Advantages of Slovenian citizenship over residence permit
If you are considering relocation, you will definitely think about which immigration procedure to choose. Before that, you should compare the pros and cons of both documents.

Registering by investment or naturalization, you will be allowed to get a residence permit. It will give you the right to reside in Slovenia for a limited period of time. However, you can update your document, and enjoy a high level of medicine, great salary, European level of life, etc. Permanent residence permit is the second document that predates obtaining EU citizenship. An applicant is allowed to process a European passport a couple of years later.

Nevertheless, you can afford to register Slovenian citizenship avoiding RP and PRP processing. The procedure, called repatriation, takes about a year and allows you to save your current citizenship.

Slovenian passport gives its holders the benefits marked below:

  • Living in the country of registration and in all EU member states without restrictions for the immigrants;
  • Working on convenient terms and with the opportunity to become a high qualified specialist;
  • Studying at the universities with the scholarship;
  • Using the services of European medical care, and the government support (your interest can be saved in accordance with the law);
  • Running business on favorable conditions.

Comparison of the most popular immigration procedures

In order to make this procedure real, it is necessary to invest a certain amount in the economy/real estate/business of the country. The process is suitable for wealthy people, who can prove sufficiency and legality of their income and meet all the specific requirements. It is possible to become a resident of Slovenia by Investment within 1-4 months.

Naturalization procedure demands from the applicants a great amount of time. For instance, to register Slovenian citizenship you have to live in the country for at least 10 years. 

The main con of naturalization is renouncing of the current citizenship. People who want to relocate and get all the benefits of the European Union, without giving up the rights of their homeland, usually prefer a different option.  

To become a bipatride by repatriation you need to prove your Slovenian ethnicity. The baptismal certificate, birth certificate or extract from metric books can evidence that fact. In accordance with repatriation, you will avoid the exam, thus you should not know country's history, culture, and language on a high level. Time limit of obtaining documents by repatriation is about 8 months. Also, according to reviews repatriation is the best solution to obtain dual citizenship.

The procedure of obtaining Slovenian passport: Migrationcentr’s support
Migrationcentr’s lawyers can assist you during your immigration way, make an individual plan following your personal goals.

Registration of Slovenian passport with the lawyers of can be implemented in a few steps. However, first of all, you should ask for the initial consultation. Before starting the passport registration process, you should sign the agreement and the power of attorney. The next steps are as follows: 

  1. Creation of immigration plan by the lawyers (following the person’s goals and financial aspect);
  2. Completing the personal case of the client and searching for the necessary papers in the repository, if it is needed;
  3. Submitting the papers to Upravna Enota by;
  4. Preparing and taking an oath to respect the Constitution of Slovenia and its orders;
  5. Processing the internal documents.

All those procedures the immigrants can pass on their own, if they have enough time and knowledge. European legislation is not that easy as a lot of people may think. Amendments to the laws may appear every day, and cause new requirements for you. Moreover, preparing the documents demands a deep investigation of all the procedures, such as collecting, translating, and notarizing the papers. reviews
To make sure that is a right assistant for you, check the reviews on the Internet. The clients are very clear in their thoughts and the reason for that is the clearness in the cooperation with the lawyers. Customers admit the professional support of the experts, their communication skills and the ability to solve the specific nuances. Moreover, the registration of Slovenian documents can be challenging if you start the repatriation on your own. Cooperation with the lawyers will be convenient solution to make one’s procedure of obtaining passport easy and fast.

Some of the reviews about, which you can easily find on the Internet by yourself:

Conclusion according to the reviews
The information, mentioned above and in reviews shows us the real picture of immigration, and the result, which can be achieved, if the applicants are serious enough in their request. The lawyers of assist every applicant in the questions which concern the immigration procedure. They take responsibility for all the bureaucratic steps, and managing process. Moreover, guarantees the confidentiality of every client, and following of the agreement.

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