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HotelPORT expands global operations and leadership team

From left to right: Rodion Zhitomirsky, Danielle Faberlle, Ekaterina Zhigadlo, and Antanina Shafranskaya.

This year, HotelPORT welcomed 49 new members, broadening its expertise and enhancing its capacity to deliver exceptional services, including content analysts, developers, QA engineers, Support Specialists, and a Scrum Master.

HotelPORT has announced several key appointments and organizational changes as part of its global expansion strategy. These appointments reflect HotelPORT’s commitment to fostering a diverse, skilled, and globally distributed workforce.

Rodion Zhitomirsky has joined as Chief Technology Officer (CTO) and shared his enthusiasm for this role: “I’ve been a part of HotelPORT since its transition into a full-fledged IT business began back in 2018, initially in a part-time capacity. However, as we observed the company’s growth, it became evident that it required consistent attention at the CTO level, encompassing both technological expertise and technical leadership. Consequently, I made a deliberate decision to join HotelPORT full-time as CTO to provide the necessary impetus. This choice was driven by my belief in HotelPORT’s promising future and my desire to contribute to its success, making my mark on its journey towards greatness.”

HotelPORT’s leadership team also includes:

  • Danielle Faberlle, Vice President, Partner Success
  • Antanina Shafranskaya, Product Manager, PropertyVIEW
  • Ekaterina Zhigadlo, Head of Content Analyst Services

HotelPORT provides innovative solutions for hoteliers, restaurants, and spas to audit, optimize, and enhance their online presence. Recognizing the unique needs of different sectors within the hospitality industry, the company has made significant organizational changes, introducing specialized teams such as the Partner Success Team, Support Team, Rebranding Team, and a team of restaurant and spa experts. These dedicated groups will focus on addressing the specific challenges and opportunities within each domain, ensuring tailored and effective solutions for clients.

Fred Bean, HotelPORT’s CEO and Founder, expressed his excitement, stating, “These latest appointments mark a significant milestone in our growth and expansion journey. Our team now boasts 91 talented specialists, spread across 7 countries and 3 continents. This remarkable growth is testament to our commitment to building a diverse, skilled, and globally distributed workforce.”

Fred added, “This expansion enhances our technical capabilities and streamlines our project management and quality assurance processes, ensuring that we continue to deliver cutting-edge solutions in the fast-evolving tech landscape.”

HotelPORT remains dedicated to gender diversity and inclusion, with over 60% of its current team comprising women. The global company recognizes that diverse teams bring a range of perspectives, ideas, and solutions to the table, crucial for innovation and problem-solving in our industry.

Fred concluded by saying, “HotelPORT’s expansion is more than just numbers. It’s about building a robust, diverse, and skilled team capable of navigating the complexities of the travel and hospitality industry. As we continue to grow, we remain committed to our vision of leveraging technology to revolutionize travel experiences, one innovation at a time. Our expanded team is poised to take on the challenges of a dynamic industry, and we are excited for what the future holds.”

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