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Airbnb and Etsy invite you to explore the art of hosting


Airbnb and Etsy unveil the "Art of Hosting,” a selection of well-crafted, handmade, items by Etsy sellers – some of whom are also Airbnb Hosts – to inspire new and existing Airbnb Hosts to create unique, guest-friendly Airbnbs.

Every year, Airbnb and Etsy create economic opportunities for millions of people around the world, fueled by passionate Airbnb Hosts and Etsy sellers doing what they love most - hosting on Airbnb and selling one-of-a-kind, creative goods on Etsy. 

Today, the two platforms are teaming up to introduce the “Art of Hosting,” a curated selection of well-crafted and guest-favorite home items from Etsy sellers. The selection, which features items made “For Hosts, by Hosts,” aims to make it easy and affordable for new and existing Airbnb Hosts to create a guest-friendly listing with unique touches. Whether it be an entire house or a spare bedroom these one-of-a-kind and handmade items are popular amenities Airbnb guests search for when booking stays, from kitchenware to linens and cleaning supplies.
To support the growing trend of flexible living, the page also features key WFH items like a multifunction laptop table and a movable desk, to help attract digital nomads seeking longer-term stays. Whether guests are living anywhere on Airbnb or just looking for a change of scenery for the weekend, this hand-picked assortment will help make every guest feel right at home.

“We wanted to make our Airbnb stand out to guests, to make it special for them,” Etsy sellers and Airbnb Hosts Luke and Abby Hatteberg said. “We’ve incorporated our love of travel - little creative details here and there. Those little touches go an extra long way.” 

In a 2021 survey of 1,000 US travelers, 68% of respondents said that thoughtful and unique amenities would compel them to leave a positive review for an Airbnb Host1. 

During the pandemic specifically, hundreds of thousands of entrepreneurs have turned to Airbnb and Etsy to start or grow their businesses2,3 and are using that income earned to cover key household expenses like monthly bills and rent4. The earnings generated on both platforms demonstrates the power of the “ownership economy” - an economy that keeps more of the returns of online marketplace activity with the communities that power these platforms - during a time when people have needed it most. 

With Airbnb, the typical US Host earned more than $8,000 from January through September 2021, which represents nearly an extra month and a half of pay for the median US household5. On the Etsy front, 2 in 3 sellers said their shop incomes held steady, if not grew, since the start of the pandemic6, providing stability to themselves and their families.  

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