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Brand-new technology for your wrist: The Apple Watch Series 5


Apple Watch Series 5 brings a lot of new goodness to the table. It comes with upgrades from namely processor changes to memory upgrades. 

It is safe to say that modern tech has become an advance feature of humankind. These gadgets have made our lives easy over the past decades. This time, it is not about luxury and who has the best skeleton watch. We’re going to talk about technology and the best tech for your wrists.  We have all these things to make our daily lives more comfortable.

Apple has come up with another technological marvel. They introduced the Apple Watch Series 5 a few months ago. Apple Watch Series 5 brings a lot of new goodness to the table. It comes with upgrades from namely processor changes to memory upgrades. This new tech from Apple will surely make you want to upgrade immediately.

New features and upgrades
First off, let us talk about the new upgrades that Apple has put into this product. Apple made sure that they are able to meet the expectations of their customers. They have taken a more pro-active approach by re-tooling other things. That just goes to show that a few tweaks can always translate to a good product.

Apple Watch Series 5 and Series 4, in terms of tech are two different beasts. Series 5 features four new upgrades from the Series 4 Apple Watch. Apple Watch Series 5 boasts an always-on display, a new feature. It also has a built-in compass — improved battery life and Titanium and ceramic materials as fresh, new options.

The Apple Watch has introduced a new feature which is the always-on display feature. The always-on display has been the most requested upgrade for Apple Watch users over the years. With this feature, Apple indeed listened to what their customers want. 

The always-on display means that you no longer have to raise your hand or tap the screen to see the time. Such convenience tooled to the preference of its users.

Worth the upgrade?
Should you jump from your previous Apple Watch into the Series 5? Well, to answer that, it is a big yes! Apple Watch Series 5 does not mean a change to the name only. It means that it's got everything you wished for from the previous ones. 

The Series 5 comes in with much faster processing speeds. The Series5 comes with an S5 system-on-chip processing unit. This marks the jump of technology from S4 into s5. Although S4 was already fast for our standards, we're excited to see how S5 performs.

Another reason why you should upgrade is the added storage! Apple beefed up the memory on this bad boy. Apple Watch Series 5 comes in with 32GB of storage. An increase from the Apple Watch Series 4's 16GB. If you like to download music and listen to a bunch of podcasts on your way to work, the Series 5 will answer your storage needs.

Apple watches and your daily life
We are sure that you have done a few tweaks and turns on your Apple Watch. We're only here to remind you of the convenience this tech brings to your daily life. We may be able to name some tips which can help you find comfort in the new Apple Watch Series 5.

First off, you can track sleep with your Apple Watch. Apple Watch has apps that may be on par with other fitness-oriented watches. Another feature is: Apple Watch Series 5 can store your music. This feature comes handy whenever you are on the go. Running has never been easy when you have your Apple Watch on your wrist for the tunes for your workout.

Did we mention it can track your heart rate? The Apple Watch Series 5 can give you a number for that heart rate on your early morning runs. It also monitors ECG, electrocardiogram. Know your body before you go to your annual check-up.

Apple stays true to the modern pop fashion
Who says smartwatches cannot be in-style? Apple has made sure it caters to pop culture with the Apple Watch Series 5. The smartwatch features personalization ideas that can mean a status symbol. Different choices of colorful bands give any user a sense of style and personality.

You can change the settings of the smartwatch from analog to digital. Might we add, the digital one looks very futuristic? A glance at the watch shows that the numerals duo which gives off that cyberpunk vibe. Match that with a colorful ceramic or titanium, then you got yourself a beautifully customized, highly functional smartwatch.

You can also change the face of the watch. If you love the classy, analog look, different faces are available to your liking. You can change the gradient to match the color of your band. You can also select photos as a face.

Finally, you can customize your watch to display your tasks or your fitness activity. Features like this goes to show how perfect this smartwatch is for the modern-day Joe.

The Apple Watch Series 5 comes in as an upgrade from the Series 4. It has features that are new to the user. The Series 5 also embodies updates that Apple's avid fanbase has requested over time. Apple has released a product that, once again, stays true to its brand. 

With Series 5, it paid homage to the functionality, style, and innovation. The Series 5 is a sure-fire must-have for the technology you strap on your wrist.

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