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Can cannabis help your well-being


The use of cannabis has deviated from the traditional methods when it was only used to make people high.

From the day California became the first state to legalize marijuana in 1996, there have been numerous conflicting debates on its health benefits. Due to the debates, nearly all the rest of the states didn’t take steps to legalize cannabis until 2012 and 2016. 

Today, 21 states, including Washington DC, have legalized medical marijuana, and another 38 have legalized recreational marijuana. The states agreed to its legalization after researchers conducted numerous studies and published the various benefits of cannabis products to users’ well-being. 

CBD and its benefits to user’s wellbeing
The use of cannabis has deviated from the traditional methods when it was only used to make people high. Cases of misuse, addiction, and criminal characteristics of users have made the government categorize it as a Schedule 1 substance. The research helped to create cannabis products such as wedding cake weed that everyone under the legal age can use and benefit from. 

Using high-tech equipment and the latest knowledge, scientists were able to discover and extract many compounds from cannabis. THC is mostly found in cannabis for recreational use and helps you to stay high and escape or forget the challenges of life. 

When you are high, you focus on what matters at the moment. You can bring out your creativity to a greater level and produce art or content that makes a difference to your audiences. 

CBD is the main compound found in medical cannabis and provides users with various health benefits. Some of the cannabis products that you find in the cannabis shops at contain both THC and CBD to give you enhanced benefits to your well-being. Cannabis benefits can be classified into three main categories:

  • Benefits to your mental health
  • Benefits to your heart
  • Benefits to your body

Benefits to your mental health
Researchers have been studying the benefits of cannabis since 1980. Reports from 80 studies show it has many mental health benefits. Mental well-being encompasses your emotional, social, and psychological health. If you are mentally sick, it affects your thinking, feelings, and actions. Your relationships get affected, and you can rarely make healthy choices. 

The published studies show CBD in cannabis health improves your mental health. It boosts the functioning of your brain’s chemical receptors so that they can respond positively to serotine in your body. They are nerve cells found in your backbone and brain which regulate various actions such as behavior, attention, and body temperature. 

Benefits to your heart
Your entire body cannot function normally if your heart is not healthy. It is your heart that pumps blood to the whole body. The blood supplies food for energy, air for combustion, water for cleansing the body, and blood cells that protect it from diseases. Diseases of the heart include high blood pressure, valve diseases, heart attacks, and heart failure. 

Research has shown that CBD contains several anti-oxidative and anti-inflammatory chemicals that help reduce the chances of getting heart disease. Some diseases like stroke, high blood pressure, and coronary problems result from inflammatory conditions. Cannabis products that contain a high amount of CBD help prevent heart diseases. 

Benefits to the body
When your body is healthy, you feel good about yourself, you stay less stressed, and you live longer. Your body is termed healthy if it is free from diseases, has the right weight, and is getting the right diet. Research has shown that cannabis products help keep your body relaxed and thus reduce stress levels. CBD helps reduce anxiety and stabilizes mood. 

Further studies have shown CBD helps induce the death of cancer cells and tumors, which causes many deaths. Cannabis improves your metabolism rate, which helps burn more sugar in your body. Due to this, your body weight is kept under control, and you cannot suffer from weight-related ailments such as hypertension, obesity, and bad mood. If you struggle with alcohol addiction and want to quit drinking, the use of cannabis can help you prevent relapse.

Cannabis is beneficial to your well-being in different ways. It keeps your heart healthy and free from diseases. Its products help keep your mental health in good condition and your body free from stress, digestive problems, obesity, and toxins.

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