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City travellers: The best city breaks in Europe


If you're looking for charming places to visit or a romantic getaway; Europe has some of the best city breaks on offer. The key to a successful trip is to fall in love with the cities you're visiting while making memories to last a lifetime.

Some travel plans may have been put on hold for the moment due to social distancing and Covid-19 restrictions, but there is nothing to stop you looking for inspiration on where you want to jet off to in the future. Planning your next city break can be exciting and gives you something to look forward to. From festive markets - as Europe heads into its colder months, to beautiful architecture, these cities have it all! 

By carefully organising your travel plans, it should allow you time to book things in advance, research the destination and surrounding area and grab the best deals on flights. Millions of people travel to Europe each year to immerse themselves in the culture of the city and get lost among the historical landmarks. Anyone looking for an amazing travel destination, we have you covered with these four, fantastic city breaks in Europe.

1) Venice, Italy
If you are looking for an intimate break, then book a stay at one of the most romantic cities in the world. Venice, Italy, also known as the 'floating city' situated on the water with no access to roads or cars, sees millions of tourists, pass-through every year. Wander the small streets and cross the quaint bridges above the canals by foot or hop on a Gondola and explore the city in true Venetian style. This beautiful city has something for everyone. Art lovers can stroll around the Peggy Guggenheim museum and take in famous artworks, or roam around  Basilica di San Marco with some Gelato to get a real Italian experience.

As if Venice isn't picturesque enough, you could visit the beautiful Burano island famous for its lace and colourful houses, or jump on a Vaporetto and head to Lido to relax on the award-winning beaches and take in some spectacular views of Venice.

2) Liverpool, England
Most people think of the capital city London when thinking of England, but why not venture north and head to another place bursting with culture, music, and trendy new food spots. Visit the Cavern Club where the Beatles once played or walk along the pier head and take in the largest collection of Grade I listed buildings. 

Many European cities are home to world-class football teams, and this city is no exception. Liverpool can offer the very best in football as Liverpool F.C. are current European and world champions, so if footballs your thing, you may want to take a tour of Anfield stadium where all the magic happens.

As one of Europe's largest port cities, plenty of regeneration has happened in the city with many more projects set to take place. This includes Liverpool Waters, a £5.5 billion investment that will redefine the city's waterfront district into a multi-purpose hotspot for business, residential and leisure facilities attracting visitors, tourists, and developers from all around the globe. Local investment company RWinvest stated that by combining outstanding architecture and design with innovative creativity, this regeneration of Liverpool docklands would create one of the most exciting new projects, which will only make it an even better destination for tourists.

3) Berlin, Germany
In the North East of Germany lies the capital Berlin, the perfect place for a city break in Europe. This destination ticks all the boxes, with Berlin's history dating back to the 13th century, and spots that showcase the cities tempestuous past such as the Berlin Wall and Holocaust Memorial, making it a must-see for those interested in World War II. 

There is a wide range of activities to do within the city, and as we approach the winter months, you may want to include the popular Christmas markets in your itinerary where you can warm up with a world-famous beer and Bratwurst. The vibrant metropolis boasts beautiful views of the Brandenburg Gate, and if you are looking for more of a lively scene after hours, then Berlin has a killer nightlife for you to explore.

4) Paris, France
Another capital city and another place of glamour and excitement for you to encounter. In the centre of France is Paris, with an abundance of iconic landmarks and museums to visit, such as the mesmerising Eiffel Tower to the Louvre where you can catch a glimpse of the celebrated Mona Lisa. Wander through gardens galore, or climb to the top of the city and sit on the steps of the Sacré-Cœur as you take in the breath-taking panoramic views. 

Named the city of love for good reason as you listen to the famous French sounds whilst you stroll down the Champs-Elysees. Stop for macaroons in some of the best cafés before a spot of shopping with friends or loved ones and be sure to wear your beret for the ideal photo opportunity by the Arc de Triomphe.

Photo by Fabio Mangione on Unsplash

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