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Eight most amazing hidden gems in Birmingham that should be on every travellers' wish list


Filled with quirky shopping centres to the real places that inspired the popular 'Lord of the Rings' movies, Birmingham caters for a plethora of exciting areas that are quite overlooked by many.

When the word 'UK' strikes your mind, you may find yourself dreaming about the lavish London streets, the beautiful botanical gardens of Sheffield, and the historical glory of Newcastle. But often, a majority of international visitors tend to overlook the charm of the UK's second-biggest city. Which city, you may ask? We are talking about the aesthetic city of Birmingham. 

Birmingham is amongst the most revisited places of the English countryside. Being in the heart of the UK, this popular international destination is known to bring multiculturalism and organic natural beauty, which draws thousands of visitors every year. In fact, you might find it contradicting, but according to recent statistics, Birmingham reported a whopping 41.8 million visitors every year before the pandemic. 

Filled with quirky shopping centres to the real places that inspired the popular 'Lord of the Rings' movies, Birmingham caters for a plethora of exciting areas that are quite overlooked by many. Thus, to bring attention to those places that are pretty good but not as popular, we have decided to enlist some of the most underrated yet beautiful tourist locations in Birmingham that should be on every traveller's checklist. 

Let's begin. 

1. Visit a gin parlour
No doubt Birmingham is home to lavishness and quirky bars at affordable prices. But when it comes to locating somewhere private where you can spend some time alone with another being, Birmingham is a hard place to be. But don't feel pressure because if you haven't visited the famous Flight Club, then you are in for a treat. 

This unique bar and pub is located near the historic City Centre and holds another popular bar called The Botanist in the vicinity. The Flight Club Bar is a great deal of competition which sources from its tasty drinks and gin tonics where along with a handful of drinks, you can swipe hands-on many board games such as pool, dart and twist. 

2. The tearful chilli Festival
Ever visited a place where all people are crying but at the same time having the best time of their life? If not, you can experience the same with yourself and your friends at the exclusive heat going at the Chilli Festival on Brindley Place. A lot of music going on, large crowds, and a handful of numerous types of chilli to try; sounds like a lot at one place. 

3. Fancy an all-glass cathedral?
Unlike London's glassy corporate buildings or Coventry's big libraries, the city is home to St. Philip's Cathedral. Being present on the Colmore Row and near Birmingham City Centre, the St Philip's Cathedral is an artwork of the Pre-Raphaelite architecture and one of the remaining examples of the Victorian Burne-Jones stained glass windows in the world. 

4. Ever wondered what a floating coffee shop feels like?
Unlike anywhere in the world, Birmingham has a one-of-its-kind floating coffee shop. Visit the should-be-popular The Floating Coffee Company of Birmingham on The Waters Edge, a canal-based coffee shop. This easy spot on the red boat location is famous for its dark coffee mug filled with delicious coffee and tea, and if muffins are present, then your evening is set to be a perfect one. 

5. Discover the secret Hawaii beach
Check out the less known Prince Charles of Wales Bar. This English bar is present in Mosley and is known to bring a multi-ethnicity culture inside its four-wall restaurant and bar. During certain nights of the week, the Prince of Wales Bar caters for its customers with its popular Caribbean Themed Party, tropical bands and private little beach huts. 

6. Shop in a custard factory
No, we aren't asking you to visit a custard factory. We are discussing Birmingham's old history of being one of the 'Biggest Custard Producers in the world. But since the early 21st century, many of these old factories have been filled with new shopping and independent retailers who join hands and offer some of the best fabrics to fellow travellers. 

Ranging from traditional suits, dresses, skirts, shirts and every possible piece of attire can be found in this lovely market. Though the city no longer holds its title of being the custard provider, it can surely fill your cravings for buying quirky and exciting wardrobe clothes, all available at affordable prices. 

7. Chillout at the Birmingham Botanical Gardens
The Birmingham Botanical Gardens stretch out to miles and miles in every direction and bring together four glasshouses boasting different types of shrubberies and tropical plants from around the world. Moreover, visitors can also visit the magnificent Perrott's Tower. Legends have it that this 300-year old architecture marvel has inspired J.R.R Tolkien to write the popular 'Lord of the Rings books. 

8. Birmingham's latest culinary delights at Great Western Arcade
While you are wandering around the city during weekends, try visiting the Great Western Arcade, where you will find the exclusive Chouchoute Chocolaterie where you can taste more than 100 varieties of chocolates at pocket-friendly prices. For more, if you love sushi delights, visit Sushi Passion for completing your cravings for the best sushi and continental delights. 

Who would have thought that a city which is more often left out of the most visited places in the UK is supposedly the best place in the country? Birmingham, no doubt, is a great place to visit. While the pandemic situations persist in many parts of the UK, Birmingham still manages to thrive as the best places to visit to try new environments while delivering the best memories throughout your life. 

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