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“Freeze or Fry” challenge highlights need to ACT NOW on climate crisis


Travel & Tourism urged to help save the planet.

Geoffrey Lipman, President of SUN x Malta, greets the start of Joe Biden’s Presidency with a challenge for us all to act now to take advantage of new US leadership to help redress the devastating impact of climate change.

“As a kid we had a silly joke saying ‘it's a great day for the race isn't it?’ when it got the expected reply ‘which race?’ the answer was ‘The Human Race’. Today is a great day for the race. We are on the brink of a massive change of direction in the fight against existential Climate Change, as the Biden – Harris team bring the US back to the Paris Agreement table.

“This puts not only the world’s biggest carbon economy back into the 2050 Paris 1.5 alignment, but equally importantly the US global leadership for positive change that we had traditionally come to expect before the gruesome negative intermission of the last four years.”

To mark this momentous occasion, students on SUN x Malta’s unique Climate Friendly Travel Diploma course are challenging people all around the world to take on the ‘Freeze or Fry Challenge’ to act now to save our planet.

“Our Climate Friendly Travel Diploma Students have launched the ‘Freeze or Fry Challenge’ to make a short crazy selfie to symbolically show that if we don't fix the eXistential Climate Crisis our grandkids will freeze or fry. That's what eXistential means. Take the challenge now,” says Lipman.

Angela Rodriguez, a student on the Climate Friendly Travel Diploma, has developed the Freeze or Fry Challenge. “The challenge is important because at SEYS we believe we must change the narrative about climate change,” she says. “The Freeze or Fry message we want to send out is focused on hope but also on demanding action”.

“We believe the format we communicate is also very important, and this is why we want to make this video challenge viral. We want to engage with a wider audience on the importance of acting NOW, because climate change is existential and all countries – and tourism destinations – in the world are currently experiencing one way or the other the impacts of the changing climate.”

Taking the challenge is simple. All you need is a phone or camera, a social media account and a spirit of adventure. Just take a video of yourself doing something silly, say that you are taking the Freeze or Fry Challenge and why you believe it is important to act NOW, and then upload it to your social media with the tags #Freezeorfry #SEYS #ClimateFriendlyTravel #cft #climatefriendly.

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