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French luxury holiday: What you must know before renting a luxury villa in France


Before you embark on this journey to relax and spend time with family, friends, or by yourself, it is important that you create a budget and a list of all the things and places you would love to visit.

France has some of the most beautiful and expensive cities in the world to live in. With cities like Paris, Marseille, and Lyon, many tourists consider France the best place to spend the summer holidays. Judging by the ocean views, delicious French cuisines, and beautiful landmarks, it is no wonder that France ranks number one as the most visited country by tourists on the European continent. 

Planning a vacation to France 
Apart from summer holidays, people also visit this beautiful country for education, health care, sports, and most times, a romantic getaway. When in France, there is so much to do and enjoy but you need to rent an apartment or a villa for the duration of your stay.

Due to the high influx of people visiting the country yearly, getting an apartment or hostel room suitable to your standards might be a bit stressful. This is why most people consider going for luxury rentals villas, as they are always readily available to whoever has the cash to spend. In the paragraphs of this article, we will highlight some of the things you must know when visiting the home of Eiffel Tower. 

Factors you must consider when renting a luxury villa
Below are the major factors you need to keep in mind when renting a villa:

The cost of renting an average apartment in France, especially in cities like Paris and Marseille, is between £1000 - £3000 per month. If you are to go for a luxurious villa with a pool, tennis court, mini bar, and a spa, you must be ready to put down as high as £4000 - £8,000 per month. The cost of a villa varies according to your standards, availability, and location. Most of the villas in Normandy also come with special room services such as laundry, cooking, and transportation.

The key to having a memorable holiday experience in France is your location. Depending on your personality, you must pick a villa closer to the fun. Cities like Paris are known for their vibrant and exciting nature, so to avoid missing out on the fun, your villa must be located in the heart of the city or close to it. 

If you just want a holiday away from all the noise, France can also provide you with a wide choice of villas that filter all the noise and help you concentrate and connect with yourself and nature. One of the best places to find such villas is by the seaside. Here you are woken up every morning by beautiful songs of birds and the crashing sounds of ocean waves.

The number of people you are willing to spend your holiday with really matters when deciding to rent a cottage in France. If you are interested in spending the holidays with your family, then you must look for a cottage with at least 2-4 bedrooms, a wide open space, and a nice parking lot. The size of your family will also affect the pricing of the cottage because the bigger the house, the higher the price. For those who want quiet alone time during their holiday, a nice one-bedroom apartment with a good view of the ocean will just be perfect.

Reasons to consider a luxury villa when you visit France
Some benefits of investing in a villa:

In a luxury villa, you get the freedom to express yourself without having to worry about the opinion of other people. Unlike hotels, no one is there to monitor your movement and invade your privacy; you are in total control of your space.

The home services provided at a luxury cottage are top-notch and second to none. Here, you don't have to worry as everything is well taken care of, from cooking, laundry, car wash, house cleaning, and sometimes massage. You get the best for everything and enjoy every penny of your money. These services are provided by high-ranking service companies with years of experience in taking good care of customers like you.

Villas in France, especially in the southern part of the country, tend to provide their occupants with a very high level of peace. This peace is derived from the calmness of the natural environment surrounding the villa. Also, according to a study, staring into the endless ocean, which is something that can be done from a villa in the south of France, tends to reduce stress and generates internal peace within a person.

The food prepared at luxury villas is delicious and nutritious. They are cooked by some of the best chefs in the world, who have gathered years of experience from cooking different types of cuisines. Be you a vegan or not, your stomach is in good hands as you enjoy your holiday in a luxury villa.

One of the major sources of concern for people going on holidays in a different country is safety. In a luxury cottage, your security is guaranteed as top security companies are paid to ensure you feel safe and secure as you enjoy your time with your family. Here, you can also make provisions for your private security if you don't feel safe enough.

Before you embark on this journey to relax and spend time with family, friends, or by yourself, it is important that you create a budget and a list of all the things and places you would love to visit. This is to ensure that you maximize your time and resources without compromising your holiday.

Photo by John Fornander on Unsplash

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