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How to save thousands on your holiday


We’ve compiled some smart tips to help you bag the best deal during your next break and the extra cash left in your wallet or purse could even go towards more last-minute getaways.

School holidays give families the chance to get away and unwind, and there are several savvy tricks you can employ to get the very best deal. You can keep an eye on price comparison websites, be flexible with your destination and departure airport, or opt for a last-minute holiday. We’ve compiled some smart tips to help you bag the best deal during your next break and the extra cash left in your wallet or purse could even go towards more last-minute getaways. 

1. Become a price comparison website ninja
If you can invest a little time then it’s worth keeping an eye on various price comparison websites. A handy tool for weighing up your options, such sites take the hassle out of visiting numerous booking outlets, offering up-to-date information on where to get the very best deals.

Comparing flights, hotels and even package holidays, these websites should be your primary port of call for keeping abreast of what deals there are to be had. Some even have a dedicated last-minute section, often showcasing astoundingly cheap breaks that you might not find anywhere else. 

2. Open your mind to new horizons
Many of us have a firm idea of where we want our holiday to be, but an open mind might help you bag a bargain break. Certain destinations are more likely to have a better range of offers – this can be due to excess hotel rooms or flights that holiday companies are looking to offload. Alternatively, it might be that a particular destination is experiencing a dip in popularity and tour operators are looking to attract more visitors.

Either way, if you’re flexible in terms of where your next holiday might be then you could end up with a holiday that’s easy on the purse strings. Another plus to this can be the discovery of new destinations you might not otherwise have visited.

3. Consider flying from a different airport 
It’s common knowledge that flight prices can fluctuate between airlines, but did you know that prices can also vary depending on where you fly from? The UK has numerous international airports, many of which aren’t far apart – so it might be easy to swap one departure airport for another.

For example, if you usually fly out from Manchester, it could be worth seeing how much it would cost to jet off on holiday from Liverpool instead. Likewise, Londoners who favour flying from Heathrow could be well served by searching for flights from Luton or Gatwick. Sometimes, your departure airport can make a considerable difference to your holiday price, especially if you’re booking at the very last minute when airlines are looking to fill seats.

4. Allow for departure date wiggle room
Do you need to fly on a specific date? Sometimes you’ll find a considerable difference in price depending on the date of departure. In other words, when searching for a last-minute bargain, you might find that a holiday featuring the same hotel, the same airline and lasting for the same number of nights comes up cheaper simply by changing the departure date.

Interestingly, the change doesn’t even have to be significant – shifting your departure date forwards or backwards just one day could make all the difference. With a bit of savvy searching and a little flexibility, your family break could be cheaper than you expected.

5. Buddy up for joint adventures
Another great way to save on your holiday can be to travel in a group. The school holidays are a prime time for family holidays, and you might find that close friends or relatives are considering a break around this time, too. If you don’t mind travelling with others in tow, you might save some cash by grabbing a cottage, chalet, apartment or villa somewhere together.

Not only could this save on accommodation costs, but opt for self-catering and you might also save on the cost of food and drink by cooking meals together. Another advantage is that you’ll have extra people to enjoy your break with – the more the merrier!

Booking last-minute can be a great way to bag a bargain. Flexibility and perseverance are key, and by following the above tips, you can secure a satisfyingly cheap holiday for all the family.

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