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Lost your luggage: What to do when you lose bags on airline


There is a chance you will recover the baggage or at least its value if you take action. To make sure of this, here is what you should do.

The excitement that traveling brings can be ruined by one thing- lost luggage. If, for instance, you were going on holiday, you would probably have to cancel some activities or make new arrangements. But, there is a chance you will recover the baggage or at least its value if you take action. To make sure of this, here is what you should do, according to Sherpr

Report immediately  
The first thing you should after realizing your luggage is missing is to report immediately. Locate the airline’s counter in the airport and file a report. 

Remember to ask for a copy of the report to act as proof that you reported. Also, ensure you get a number that you contact to follow up on the issue once you leave the airport.  Here is a list of customer service numbers for most airlines.

Request the airline to deliver the luggage 
When filing the report, ask the airline representative to have the luggage delivered once it is located. You can give out the address to your home or hotel. This will save you the trouble of having to go back to the airport. 

Most airlines make the delivery for free. But, it is good to confirm with the agent to avoid surprise costs.

Request reimbursement for checked baggage fee 
Missing luggage is an indication that it was not loaded on the plane. You should, therefore, request for a refund for the fee charged. 

Some airlines will only reimburse if the bags are not found within some given hours. For example, Delta and United airlines will refund for checked luggage if it is not returned within 12 hours after filing a report. Be patient, and if the baggage is not found within that time, then request a refund.  

Keep record of incidental purchases for reimbursement 
The lost luggage might contain all the essential goods for the trip. You might, therefore, be forced to buy the same items while waiting for the bags to be found. If this happens, ensure you keep receipt of the purchases made and then ask for reimbursement from the airline. 

A point to note is that airlines will only refund for reasonable purchases. For example, Delta will only reimburse expenses of $50 per day for the first five days.

File a claim for lost luggage 
Airlines have different rules when classifying luggage as lost. Some will only consider it the case after a day, some four days, and others after two weeks. 

Once the baggage is declared lost, then it is time to file for a claim. While filing, you will be required to list all the items that were in the luggage. An airline might also request you to quote the price of the goods or provide receipts.

The information is then used to calculate the total value of the luggage for compensation. 

If you ever lose bags on an airline, file for a report immediately. During the process, ask for the luggage to be delivered to you once it is found. You should also request reimbursement for checked baggage fees and incidental purchases. Finally, if the luggage is declared lost, file for a claim.

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