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Multi-sensory hotel suite launches for a happier stay on London


Sheraton Grand London Park Lane commission research to identify items and experiences scientifically proven to uplift guests according to each sense.

LONDON - With daylight hours dwindling and the winter blues setting in, the Sheraton Grand London Park Lane has launched London’s first Five Senses Suite. Working with a Behavioural Scientist and Psychologist, the renowned Art Deco hotel in Mayfair has introduced an array of items and experiences which have been found to be conducive to a happy state, marked by an increased release of endorphins.

The three-layered research (questionnaire, facial coding and heart rate monitoring) revealed the soothing sound of Jazz made 3 out of 4 respondents feel happy and positive, whilst soft, fluffy towels ignited feelings of contentment in an impressive 98% of respondents. Other findings showed that the colour green was one of the most smile-inducing sights, with an image of flowers making almost three quarters of people (72%) report feeling content. Champagne and fresh fruit encouraged the highest release of endorphins during a taste test, and when it comes to smell, the fresh scent of the ocean came out top with 79% of respondents reporting feeling uplifted. Lavender was a close second of the scents, producing 1.3 smiles per person on average.

In response to the findings, the luxurious Grand Suite overlooking leafy Green Park at the Sheraton Grand London Park Lane will become London’s only Five Senses Suite offering guests a memorable multi-sensory hotel experience. A dedicated Five Senses Concierge will greet guests on arrival, offering a choice of the finest quality towels from the limited edition bath linen menu. Guests will also choose their favoured smile inducing aroma, lavender or sea salt, which will be infused in diffusers and bath salts. A glass of their preferred fizz and the uplifting British Jazz played through the vintage record player will ease guests through the tough decisions.

Guests will also receive a specially curated ‘Extra Dose of Happiness Menu,’ offering experiences such as an in-suite ‘Happy Hour’ complete with Champagne cocktails served by a private mixologist, a packing and unpacking service and a personal bath butler to provide  the ultimate in pampered relaxation.

Kieran Quinn, Hotel Manager says: “Sheraton Grand London Park Lane has gone above and beyond for its guests for 90 years and with the creation of London’s Five Senses Suite we are now offering our guests an even more memorable experience. This new offering absolutely elevates our five star service to the next level and encourages guests to make the most out of their stay with us with an added guaranteed boost of contentment.”

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