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Packing fashionable clothes for fall travel


Whether you’re traveling for work, play, or both, here are our tips for becoming a more fashionable traveler.

It’s getting close to autumn, that time of year where more and more people will head out of town to visit places after the hustle and bustle (and heat and humidity) of the summer season has died down. The good news is that fall is a great time of year for fashion; some destinations get downright chilly, which means that before long you will be able to show up in your favorite sweater, coat, and pair of boots. Whether you’re traveling for work, play, or both, here are our tips for becoming a more fashionable traveler.

Pack the essentials

For business
If you’re travelling for work, your clothes should reflect the business needs. While you may want a suitcase filled with half of your closet, about 75% of your suitcase should contain items that are versatile and pretty basic. Think shirts that go with more than one bottom, dress slacks, a suit jacket, ties (if applicable), pencil skirts, etc. Once you pack the basics then add a few statement pieces. Whether it’s a dress, a shirt, or a scarf, jewelry, or another unique piece, choose something you enjoy and that stands out.

For fun
It all depends on where you are going and what you plan to do. Of course, a nice beach vacation means you’ll want swimsuits, summer dresses, shorts, tanks tops, etc. For a hiking or mountain vacation, comfortable shoes, jeans, layers of t-shirts and jackets will be best. But start with the basics. Your everyday clothes and favorite pieces are the best to pack first.

Some of you may be tempted to bring along 5-10 pairs of shoes. While this seems like a fine idea, the fact is, you are most likely to only wear a few pairs. So, when you’re packing for a short trip, think of shoes you can walk in all day, shoes you can wear for a few hours, and shoes you’d only wear to look cute for photos. Summer is filled with fashionable sandals, espadrilles, fun flats, and more. It’s important to pack the things you like, but to also be a little practical, since a suitcase has only so much space.

Scarves are an excellent fashion accessory for men and women. It can instantly take a simple outfit to something that wows. Even though scarves are usually associated with winter, a sheer fabric with a bold pattern can still be light enough for summer heat, but add just what you need to any outfit. Whether you travel for business or pleasure, add a scarf to your packing list.

Find something new when you get there
Instead of buying clothes at the usual places in your hometown, take a fun shopping trip when you get to your destination. You might find unique wardrobe pieces that would have the added benefit of a story to go along with them when people compliment you. “That’s a lovely hat,” they’ll say. “Thank you!” you’ll say. “I bought it at the most adorable boutique in Savannah.” 

Another great purchase when you’re traveling is jewelry. Shopping in antique stores is almost always a fun way to get to know a travel destination. And who knows - maybe you’ll stumble upon a rare natural pink diamond necklace or a diamond brooch that will become your next family heirloom!

This is the perfect summer accessory. Not only are sunglasses functional, with so many styles to choose from, they are also the perfect fashion statement. Go for something big and bold or sleek and sporty, and don’t forget them at home. They’ll protect your eyes, and you’ll look great too. 

Airplane wear
Think comfort. When you get on an airplane, it’s cramped, it’s stuffy, and it’s crowded. Which is why you need to pack for comfort. Whether you’re a legging kind of person, or more of a cozy sweats lover, pants should be comfortable. There are many stylish pant options to choose from, so don’t feel like you need to choose something that looks boring. Additionally, pack a set of wrinkle resistant clothes to change into in your carryon. That way if you have a meeting soon after your flight, you’ll have the appropriate clothes to put on.

A good carryon
While not a clothing item, the right carryon luggage can make a statement. Choose a trendy backpack, a chic messenger bag, or a sturdy rolling bag to bring your essentials on the plane. A good carryon will hold your computer, phone, extra outfit, important documents and more. Plus, it has to fit in the tiny space the airline provides. 

Photo by Ana Itonishvili on Unsplash

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