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ProfitSword unveils advanced mobile app-based business intelligence functionality


New mobile app provides company leadership and hotel employees with on the go access to key real-time business performance analytics.

ORLANDO, FLA. – ProfitSword, a premier developer of business intelligence and data integration software, has announced the launch of a mobile app that integrates seamlessly with its business intelligence solutions to provide hoteliers with instant insight into key performance analytics from virtually any location. Now available to new customers as well as to existing customers when upgrading to the company’s full suite of solutions, ProfitSword’s mobile app serves as an ideal platform for time-strapped hoteliers experiencing labor shortages by providing instant access to valuable performance metrics on the go.

Designed to be fully compatible with the ProfitSword dashboard and database, the new mobile app functionality consists of a wide range of features that can be used to gain an accurate analysis of the current business environment as well as upcoming opportunities or risks. These include the ability for staff devices to automatically receive push notifications for preset key performance indicators (KPIs). Users can also view all pulse alerts within one centralized and easy-to-access platform. With mobile-compatible access to all of a user’s dashboards and analytics, the app further offers the ability to customize dashboard filters and share important visualizations on the go for enhanced response times and company-wide communication.

“Hotel businesses often do not have the luxury of being able to dedicate time to sitting at a computer terminal to analyze valuable performance indicators, and this has only worsened since the rise of the pandemic where reduced staff numbers means more responsibilities but less time to complete them all,” said John Crutchfield, COO at ProfitSword.

“ProfitSword’s new mobile app provides hoteliers with a solution to this challenge, ensuring that each employee can maintain a proactive approach to making informed business decisions while still handling other tasks that are likewise essential to running a successful hotel business.”

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