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Texas traveling tips for the 2020s


This article has provided you with a great starting point to investigate the great Texan outdoors. The state is vast and provides a little bit of everything.

The wide range of activities to try in Texas is growing and, as evidenced by the growth in in-state tourism, most of this is being done by locals. This article will provide you with some top Texan tips for travel in state. 

The travel industry has changed for the foreseeable future and the focus out there and in this article is on outdoor events and activities so that the current expected social distancing can be maintained, and you are only mixing and interacting with people in a well-ventilated space.

Outdoors and nature
Texas isn’t known for its water, and yet there are some great lakes, waterfalls, and water features to visit in the Lone Star State. From golf at South Padre Island to some simple lodge accommodation and fishing at Lake Conroe, if it's time outdoors with fun activities or just the most relaxing outdoor water experience that you’re looking for, then Texas is the state to be in.

Music festivals and outdoor events 
This is another area of outdoor fun and adventure that has grown throughout the state. This year’s calendar may be a bit slim, but there will still be some phenomenal Independence Day celebrations, with the typical Texan parades and outdoor picnicking and barbeques at the top of the list. The Texas music festivals that we are used to will also be back and as they are all outside, we are good to go.

The road trip
As already mentioned, the state of Texas is massive (in fact, it’s the biggest state in the lower 48) and as such it presents a good opportunity for a road trip. There are some popular routes including the Big Bend National Park, islands and boating in Corpus Christi, or the subtropical forests and soaring pine trees in east Texas. Either rent an RV or pack the car, but make sure that the vehicle of choice is in good condition and that you have all the required licenses to be able to drive in Texas.

The list of what to do is endless and the three options presented above are but the trending tip of the Texan travel experience.

What you need to take 
Communication is key to keep in touch with your friends and family, and it also makes sense to take some form of time killer, be it a mobile device for reading, some old Sega games, or your laptop. These are handy in terms of keeping in touch from your off-the-beaten-track cabin, or while waiting for transport to the venue.

A first aid kit is essential for travel and outdoor fun—or for any road trip. Make sure yours is well stocked and that you have the basic knowledge to use it in case of an emergency.

A map or guide to the areas you have chosen to explore is also useful. There will be lots to read and investigate online, but some of the best guides are still in the written from. So, pop into those small convenience stores and tourism info spots as you go, and ensure that you have local information at your fingertips.

What you need to do
Texas is a massive state, and as such you need to ensure that you have done your planning and know where you want to go before you get there. Do some reading and check the reviews and travel suggestions being made by those in the know.

This article has provided you with a great starting point to investigate the great Texan outdoors. The state is vast and provides a little bit of everything.

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