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Top hotel management software in 2022 - HotelTechAwards winners announced


Winners of the HotelTechAwards are determined based on verified client feedback and highlight best of breed companies across key categories of the hotel tech stack.


Overwhelmed looking for new hotel software? Each year Hotel Tech Report challenges its global hotelier community to review their favorite products to make hotel software research easy and reliable. During the 3-month 2022 HotelTechAwards period, 513,609 hoteliers across 127 countries visited Hotel Tech Report and spent more than 6,000 hours contributing 11,622 verified hotel software product reviews to save you time and help you make better vendor decisions.

More than 1,000 products are globally ranked based on factors like usability, customer support, likelihood to recommend, partner network strength, and integration compatibility. Winners of the HotelTechAwards are determined based on verified client feedback and highlight best of breed companies across key categories of the hotel tech stack.

Here's what top technology executives are saying about Hotel Tech Report's proprietary ranking methodology:

  • Adam Harris, CEO of Cloudbeds: “The HotelTechAwards are one of the most respected honors that a company in our industry can earn, as it’s built upon data, transparency, and reviews from verified customers. Hoteliers can trust that the awards truly reflect the opinion of the global lodging community."
  • Sean Fitzpatrick, CEO of OTA Insight: "HotelTechReport provides the most transparent, customer feedback-led information on which people in industry can base their decisions. Hoteliers appreciate being able to share their views with each other in an open, no-holds-barred forum with their peers. HTR offers this and has been a real and positive disruptor in creating a new, industry-specific portal to showcase unbiased views on hotel tech. Its awards showcase the best of these reviews, and hoteliers trust them."
  • Sankar Narayan, CEO at SiteMinder: "We at SiteMinder believe strongly in the essence of openness; it is what underpins the very core of what we stand for, and the HotelTechAwards, through the program's data-driven and transparent process, aligns firmly with this value.
  • Alex Shashou, Co-Founder at ALICE: “The HotelTechAwards are a powerful stamp of approval for any company to possess and for hoteliers to trust. We value the HotelTechAwards process, which collects thousands of verified reviews from around the world each year.”
  • Moritz Campen, Co-Founder at SuitePad: “HotelTechReport is the leading platform for technology in the hotel industry, and its meticulous and impartial verification process makes this one of the most prestigious awards.”

List includes: Cloudbeds, hotelkit, Hotel Effectiveness, ALICE, GuestRevu and M3

Many hotel management software lists online wrongfully group hotel software into a single category but the reality is that the hospitality industry has unique challenges that require multiple point solutions to tackle different problems.  Small properties are often tempted by an all-in-one property management software but the typical hotelier uses at least 10 different hospitality software systems to operate and that's for good reason.

Ultimately hotel operations software enables your on-property colleagues to efficiently deliver great (and consistent) surprise and delight experiences for guests.  The most popular tool in the operations stack is the hotel property management system which is sometimes referred to as front desk software at smaller independents - but the reality is that a PMS is so much more than that.  If you have a dated Hotel PMS system it is nearly impossible that you can leverage other tech tools properly.

Other critical tools in the operations tech stack include:

  • Staff collaboration software: keeps your team running in sync and streamline internal communications
  • Preventive maintenance software: maximizes the life of capital expenditures
  • Housekeeping software: real-time communication and analytics that automate task management for one of your property's most critical teams (especially in a COVID world!
  • Guest survey software: gathers guest experience data that can be actioned and incorporated into all other facets of your hotel operation
  • Labor-management system: optimize the way you staff your property to improve profitability
  • Concierge software: manage hundreds of guest requests across shifts to ensure your team never drops the ball
  • Accounting software solutions: hotel accounting is completely different from other small businesses and therefore has specialized requirements best suited for a hotel industry solution

View all the Awards here.

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