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Windstar Cruises unveils transformed Star Breeze – first of three Star Plus Class yachts


First look at a new Classic Suite aboard Star Breeze. The much-anticipated renaissance of the all-suite yacht is now complete.

SEATTLE, WA – If a cruise ship launches without any passengers on board, does it make a splash? Seattle-based Windstar Cruises hopes so – because the small ship cruise line share some good news in 2020 and digitally showcase the renaissance of Star Breeze, an all-suite yacht that was cut in half and lengthened with the addition of 50 new suites, two innovative restaurants, a reimagined spa/fitness center, enlarged pool and deck, new bathrooms in all suites and new efficient engines.

Capacity increased from 212 guests to 312 – still small enough for visiting small ports and hidden harbors around the world – although the ship won’t be welcoming passengers until 2021.

While Windstar has temporarily suspended operations, renovation work on its three Star Plus Class ships moved forward, with Star Breeze as the first to emerge from a $250 million Star Plus Initiative that also includes sister ships Star Pride and Star Legend. The two ships will join the fleet later in 2021, following their completed Star Plus transformations carried out by Fincantieri at its shipyard in Palermo (Italy). Fincantieri is regarded as the leader in major cruise ship renovations, particularly for this kind of highly complex undertaking.

“We’re delighted to take delivery of Star Breeze, the first ship completed as part of the Star Plus Initiative at Fincantieri shipyard in Palermo,” said Chris Prelog, president of Windstar Cruises. “These three Star Plus Class yachts offer more amenities we know our guests want, while still being small enough to travel the narrow waterways and visit the small ports we’re known for.”

Prelog emphasized the additional work and investment into this yacht and others for health and safety features as part of the new Beyond Ordinary Care program. Star Breeze is outfitted with new HEPA filters and UV-C light technology, and the rest of the fleet will be outfitted with these updates and more before returning to service.

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