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South Korean Capital becomes NYC’s first partner city in Asia

Seoul and New York City launch joint-marketing campaign

On October 4th, New York’s tourism agency and the Seoul Metropolitan Government officially agreed to promote cultural and recreational visits between the two cities. This marks NYC & Company‘s first partnership with an Asian country. The city has previously formed partnerships with London, Madrid, Sao Paulo and Miami.

About 223,000 people visited New York City from South Korea in 2010, while more than 650,000 from the U.S. visited Seoul. The new joint-marketing campaign seeks to further increase these numbers over the next several years.

The partnership includes an advertising campaign to maximize awareness of each city’s brand.  Advertisements will appear in key districts of New York and Seoul, particularly in concentrated areas drawing large crowds such as New York’s Times Square. Seoul will also be advertised at 70 bus stops throughout the city – potentially reaching the eyes of 30 million tourists and New York City residents.

The campaign extends online, where Seoul’s website ( and New York’s tourism website ( will both run web banners advertising each city. Future plans include online promotion of Seoul, Korean Air, and New York on social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

Kwon Young-Gyu
, speaking on behalf of the Seoul Metropolitan Government, stated that the city looks to gain attention from citizens around the globe, and that Seoul recently increased its budget for overseas marketing by nearly tenfold.

Korean Air, a partner in the agreement, is offering discounts on flights between Seoul and New York City for tickets bought in October.