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Adelman Travel delivers on customer expectations

Adelman Travel has introduced an innovative approach to the management of their customers’ corporate travel programs. This approach goes beyond the general management of air, car and hotel activity to incorporate proactive consulting services into their standard account management offering at no additional cost. These consulting services include advising on all components of travel and entertainment, such as web-based expense reporting products, payment solutions, global consolidation, data analysis and alternatives to traditional travel. Adelman, with more than $400 million in annual revenue, provides business-to-business travel management solutions on a global scale.

"We believe that Adelman Travel can provide the consulting services we are looking for, and that’s the reason we selected them as our travel management company,"
said Jim Panozzo, Controller at The Walsh Group. "We are very impressed with their account management structure, their ability to offer solutions that are outside the box, and particularly the Blueprint that they use to track the progress of our travel program."

To more accurately describe the responsibilities of their account management team, Adelman refers to their account managers as Global Management Consultants. Adelman’s Global Management Consultants are put through a thorough training program that equips them to provide direction on products and services, video conferencing solutions, data analysis and negotiations. More importantly, Adelman’s Global Management Consultants regularly monitor key performance indicators in order to prevent problems before they arise.

"When discussing travel management services at industry events, today’s travel buyers are saying they are looking for a more proactive, consultative approach from their travel management company," said Steve Cline, Chief Operating Officer of Adelman Travel. "That is why Adelman has committed to developing our account managers to become effective consultants."

Adelman provides their Global Management Consultant team with proprietary tools to assist in managing their corporate clients’ travel programs. An essential tool is the Blueprint, a detailed business plan that houses KPI’s, which are customized for each client. Within this Blueprint are built-in solutions to improve key areas that are not meeting their targets. The Blueprint document houses all detailed information and links directly to Adelman’s proprietary reporting tool to provide all supporting data. Additionally, the Global Management Consultants prepare an Elevator Chat report for each client that is C-level ready.  This document gives a summary of how the overall travel program is performing by providing an instant report card on all key components of the Blueprint.

Adelman’s Global Management Consultants also analyze travel trends and the purpose of travel to determine if video conferencing may be a valid alternative to specific types of travel. For those customers interested in pursuing video conferencing, Adelman offers their proprietary managed solution, VideoTravel, which provides point of sale opportunities to choose between traditional travel and video conferencing. Additionally, the Global Management Consultant actively works with the client to implement policies and procedures. The policies, along with the point of sale opportunities, assist in changing traveler behavior, thereby increasing adoption of a customer’s video conferencing investment.

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