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Location-based services open up new marketing opportunities for the aviation industry

Experts from Loyalty Partner Solutions at Loyalty 2017 to illustrate how location-based services can be used profitably in the aviation industry.

LONDON / MUNICH – Speakers from Loyalty Partner Solutions (LPS) GmbH will be at the Loyalty 2017 congress in London (February 20-22, 2017) to show how customer loyalty programs can be made more effective by integrating location-based marketing technologies. "Customer communication is at its most successful when it is individually tailored to the customer and adapted to their current situation to make it relevant", says Klaus Kohler, Head of Sales and Business Development at LPS. "A customer's current service and information needs are largely determined by where they are and why." In a presentation entitled "Using Location-based Solutions to Drive Loyalty Program Engagement and Ancillary Revenue" the loyalty professionals will show how the use of LBS technologies in communications can have a positive impact on customer behavior. This is illustrated using PROXIMITY, the new location-based services solution from LPS.

PROXIMITY is fundamentally of interest to all providers of products and services with physical locations. Depending on the sector they can be retail outlets, rail stations, airports, hotels or car rental points. The prerequisite is a mobile customer app. In addition to retailers and shopping centers, the LPS target industries include travel and transport companies. For the aviation industry PROXIMITY offers a great opportunity to network services and address customers individually. Its smart playout logic means the data protection-compliant solution can give passengers relevant information and offers throughout their entire customer journey.

PAYBACK, one of the world's best known and most successful bonus programs, which is also a sister company of LPS, has successfully tested various use cases in initial pilot campaigns with industry partners.

Now LPS and PAYBACK are jointly offering an enhanced, cloud-based solution for all sectors in the form of the white-label product PROXIMITY.

PROXIMITY gives the customer individualized contents and offers in every situation. Depending on their surroundings, preferences and prior consent, users receive the information that is of interest to them at their current location. A network of beacons, Wifi, GPS and geofencing make it possible. Customers are thus addressed in a highly relevant way and the customer experience intensified.

Mobility and increased smartphone use overall enable companies to identify the situational context and to engage even more closely with their customers. The aim is to make the offers as relevant as possible for the customer. With the right campaign it is possible to have a high impact and generate above-average conversion rates. Customer decide themselves whether and to what extent they receive messages.

PROXIMITY's omnichannel approach deserves a special mention. An intelligent playout logic decides via which channel customers receive information. The advantages of digital and classical communications and sales channels can be seamlessly combined and consumers addressed via all touchpoints.