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More than 85m. Americans to travel despite CDC Covid-19 warnings

At the moment, 61.05% (or 155,703,208 Americans) have had their holiday travel plans affected by Covid-19.

Despite CDC warnings, tens of millions of Americans traveled during Thanksgiving weekend. Dr. Fauci believes this is going to increase the current surge of COVID-19 cases. Even with the science saying travel is dangerous, tens of millions of Americans will be traveling during Christmas (more than Thanksgiving).

2020 Christmas Travel Survey for The Vacationer included 553 American adults over the age of 18 and was conducted online using SurveyMonkey's interface on our behalf on November 14, 2020. Eric Jones, Mathematics Instructor at Rowan College at Gloucester County analyzed the survey. They sought to analyze travel plans for American adults during Christmas 2020 with the second wave of COVID-19 starting and Thanksgiving travel amplifying it even further.

Here are the findings with a few key stats:

1. Do you plan on traveling to a vacation destination or gathering (car, bus, train, airplane, etc.) during Christmas this year?

  • Yes – 33.46% (85,337,090 Americans)
  • No – 66.54%

Key Takeaway: Of the 33.46% who will travel during Christmas, 17% of those also intended to travel during Thanksgiving. Of the population over the age of 18 (255,042,109 million Americans), an astonishing 85,337,090 Americans will travel during Christmas 2020. While things like social distancing and masks can help stop the spread of Covid-19, this is likely going to lead to many dangerous indoor gatherings.

2. Will you travel on an airplane this holiday season?

  • Yes – 18% (45,907,580 Americans)
  • No – 72%

Key Takeaway: By itself, traveling on an airplane is not that dangerous, according to the CDC. Viruses do not spread easily on flights due to how air circulates and is filtered on airplanes. With that being said, lack of social distancing at airports, traveling in rideshare vehicles, and more potential indoor eating and large indoor gatherings without masks by travelers can lead to Covid-19 spikes.

3. Has the pandemic canceled or changed your travel plans (destination, gathering volume/type, mode of travel, etc.) for the holidays this year?

  • Yes – 61.05% (155,703,208 Americans)
  • No – 24.82%
  • Waiting to See – 14.13%

Key Takeaway: At the moment, 61.05% (or 155,703,208 Americans) have had their holiday travel plans affected by Covid-19. Another 14.13% are still waiting to see, which means Covid-19 may alter the plans of 75.18% (or 191,704,658 Americans). Despite plans being altered, this does not mean those affected will be refraining from dangerous large indoor gatherings.

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