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New tool puts senses in control of holiday recommendations with market-leading tech trial travel industry first with new immersive planning tool. Using market-leading facial recognition technology and multi-sensory displays. Transforming the travel planning process and creating tailor-made holiday recommendations.

Travel is an emotional investment and the memories that stick with us for a lifetime are those that ignite and excite every one of our senses. 

So, what if we allowed our senses to shape our next holiday destination? Leaving the fate of our next steps wholly to those experiences and locations that stimulate our senses the most?

Online travel specialists are doing just that with their new online tool SenseSational, which immerses users within a multi-sensory experience and uses advanced technology – including facial recognition – to discover what engages each of our senses and truly fires our wanderlust.

“New technology is revolutionising the travel sector and enabling our digital world to become a personalised, multi-sensory immersion that provides travellers with the vital ‘try before you buy’ experience,” explains Mark McKenna, Commercial Director at

The SenseSational tool brings a new emotive approach to travel planning by deciphering your travel disposition and recommending destinations based on the multi-sensory displays you engage with the most.

“The wanderlusters of today are ever-evolving: They pursue travel that makes them feel alive, seek out experiences that shape them as people and expect more than ever from their bucket-list holidays,” he continues.

Inspirational content has never been more accessible than it is today. Social media, specifically Instagram, provides a constant stream of real-time imagery and video content that is empowering today’s adventurers to mould their own experiences and push their travel boundaries in new and exciting ways.

SenseSational taps into this key attribute of the digital age. Today’s intrepid traveller craves being able to visually share their incredible stories, document their fondest moments and revisit memories that remind them of their most amazing experiences, in just one post. This is why Instagram continues to be the king of social engagement.

“SenseSational mimics this emotive storytelling and analyses the way we engage with certain textures, tastes and sounds, giving us an insight into how technology will continue to shape the consumer journey and help us form completely tailored travel experiences, engaging our senses every step of the way,” explains McKenna.

How it works
The tool takes the user through various stages of the travel journey, tracking the face and gaze in real-time and allowing the user to make selections without any physical interaction. It then records these selections and an algorithm calculates the findings to present the user with a travel persona and corresponding destinations.

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