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Next-generation hotel school announces its arrival in the virtual education marketplace

Accessible, brain-based micro courses for hospitality professionals.

LAUSANNE, SWITZERLAND – Transforming hospitality education. That is the mantra of the new disruptor in virtual education for hospitality professionals.

After a successful pre-launch this October, (also their domain name) announces entry into the virtual education sector. Their mission is to accelerate careers in hospitality by leveraging technology-driven education and partnering with leading professionals to provide accessible and impactful Swiss-quality, brain-based, virtual micro courses for those in the industry that need to upskill and/or reskill. 

The team, led by Patricia Iinuma, is formed by seasoned executives with backgrounds in technology, private education, hospitality and tourism, bringing in years of experience and expertise in forming the Swiss-made hotelier and is already gaining attention ( is a current finalist for a EducationInvestor Award 2020). In addition, their stellar advisory board is formed by industry veterans Michael Ros, Fleurine Mijinke, and Simon Lehman, providing guidance and an all-round perspective.

Their initial course offering includes: Corporate Social Responsibility by Paul Steele; Digital Transformation by Michael Pichler; Emotional Intelligence for Hoteliers by Erich Steinbock; Managing Social Media by Sylvia Smith; Strategic Revenue Management by Michael Feldman; Value Creation in F&B by Martin B Jones and Distribution Channel Strategy by Shailesh Pallipuram and is currently being sold at a promotional launch price of 149 CHF/EUR. Twenty additional courses are in development as well as a range of special collections.

As their first CSR initiative and in line with their resolve to bring hospitality education to a wider audience, is launching its first scholarship fund and awarding scholarships for the Swiss Master Hotelier programme to those in the industry that had their careers affected by Covid-19.  The fund will be established by in partnership with Tourism Boards and Hospitality Companies and will be able to award 2000 scholarships with discounts ranging from 50-100% of the programme’s fees for students starting the program in January 2021.

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