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Peakwork develops new solutions for efficient data management

Combination of cache technology and live-API requests enables intelligent integration of offer data. Gain valuable business insights about search and booking data via data analytics.

DUSSELDORF – Peakwork has been focusing on handling ever-increasing data volumes and demonstrates how data can both be controlled and managed efficiently, as well as used to optimally adapt the travel offers portfolio to meet traveler needs and increase booking rates.

Hybrid technology: Efficient connectivity of travel offers
The number of travel offers is continuously increasing. As a result, hosting and traffic costs for providers are also on the increase. Peakwork now optimizes the connectivity of travel offers and combines caching technology with live API requests for long-tail products that are less frequently requested. The powerful caching technology delivers search results and matching trips within milliseconds. This technology will continue to be used for travel offers that are frequently requested, for example to top destinations and typical travel durations, such as 7 or 14 nights. For destinations that are less frequently demanded and booked, the offer data can be requested live, directly in the tour operators’ or suppliers’ systems. This intelligent data management allows the tour operator to focus on offers that are actually requested and booked by customers. Even supplier and airline offers, that can only be requested via real-time API, will now be available. The advantages of this flexible offer connectivity include the positive effects on the size of the tour operator and supplier caches, more efficient offer production and hosting as well as a faster time-to-market.

Data Analytics: Business insights for portfolio management
In addition, Peakwork evaluates the search and booking behavior of millions of online customer enquiries using data analytics. Tour operators can actively use these valuable insights to manage their own product portfolio and make key adjustments according to demand. If, for example, in a tour operator portfolio, there are repeated searches for trips to 4-star hotels in Greece, but ultimately only a few trips are actually booked, it demonstrates that the tour operator could make improvements in this product offer. Peakwork also links the search and booking behavior data with other data sources, such as industry trends, weather-related concerns or political influences. This information and trends are visualized to derive statements about future booking behavior. Within the Peakwork Big Data Initiative, Peakwork uses Google tools and technologies such as Pub/Sub, Data Flow, Data Studio and BigQuery to efficiently analyze and visualize such vast data volumes.

New booking applications and connections from Asia
Peakwork has also developed new applications for efficient travel sale together with its two Asian affiliates – Zhouyou Technology in China and Riversoft in Taiwan. These include applications within Chinese and Taiwanese websites and social media applications, which have so far been little used in the German-speaking market. For example, trips can be searched and booked on AI (Artificial Intelligence), NLP (Natural Language Processing) and packaging technology. End users can search for holiday packages by voice control, while Peakwork technology responds with the corresponding travel offer via the Peakwork Hub.

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