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Regenerative Travel introduces the Agency of Change Trade Program for values-aligned agents

Regenerative Travel revolutionizes the travel industry as a thriving association and marketplace, uniting stakeholders for collective impact.

NEW YORK – Regenerative Travel announce its position as an association and marketplace with a commitment to uniting all crucial stakeholders in the travel industry under a single umbrella, empowering change makers to collectively make a profound impact.

“Over the past four years, Regenerative Travel has taken the lead in propelling the industry towards a regenerative future. Our initial mission was to facilitate the discovery of environmentally and socially impactful hotels for travelers, however, we have now embarked on a transformative journey, evolving into a thriving association and marketplace,” says Amanda Ho, Co-Founder & CEO of Regenerative Travel.

The Agency of Change Trade Program: Empowering Values-Aligned Agents

In line with their mission, Regenerative Travel introduces the Agency of Change Trade Program, empowering values-aligned travel agents to promote regenerative travel and become stewards of change. Through this program, agents can drive business growth and generate heightened interest in member hotels, forging valuable relationships between agents and hotels.

The program offers diversified tiering options, allowing trade partners to prioritize their specific needs. Agents can now choose between more individual agent seats or a stronger emphasis on showcasing their unique itineraries, with the required annual spend based on annual turnover.

By offering this flexibility, Regenerative Travel aims to cater to the diverse needs of their trade partners. Whether agents wish to include more travel designers or display a wider range of curated itineraries, the updated membership program empowers trade partners to amplify their representation within the Regenerative Travel community, enhancing their visibility and impact within the industry.

The Regenerative Travel Summit 2023: Propelling the Industry Forward

Regenerative Travel proudly presents The Regenerative Travel Summit, scheduled to take place at Wythe Hotel in Brooklyn, New York on September 20, 2023, during Climate Week. More than just an event, this Summit serves as a platform to propel the travel industry towards a regenerative future. Attendees will have the opportunity to explore innovative ideas, share best practices, and inspire one another to build an industry that creates a positive environmental and social impact.

By participating in The Regenerative Travel Summit, travel professionals can connect with like-minded individuals, forge partnerships, and contribute to shaping the future of travel. To join this transformative event, individuals can become RT+ Change Maker members.

Establishing a New Benchmark and Verification

Regenerative Travel has implemented a rigorous vetting process known as the Regenerative Travel Standard. This ensures that all affiliated suppliers meet stringent criteria and fosters collaboration and synergy among key players, ultimately driving positive change in the industry.

In Q3 2024, Regenerative Travel will launch a specialized “Verification” program exclusively for hotels. This comprehensive program will involve meticulous, in-person audits of all hotels to guarantee compliance with the Regenerative Travel Standard. Hotels affiliated with Regenerative Travel will be verified once every three years, solidifying their commitment to sustainability and regenerative practices.

Regenerative Tourism E-course: From Principles to Practice

Regenerative Travel is thrilled to announce the imminent launch of their first self-guided e-course, “From Principles to Practice: Regenerative Travel in Action”. This course, set to be available by Q4 2023, aims to build a practical understanding of the practices and framework behind regenerative development and tourism.

Participants will gain a deep understanding of the difference between regeneration and sustainability, and learn how to work differently to create positive change. Designed for hoteliers, travel agents, managers, leaders, business owners, and policymakers, this e-course equips individuals with the necessary knowledge and tools to embrace the future of regenerative tourism.