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TEAM officially becomes ADELTE

20 years after its creation, TEAM, the world leader in the design, manufacture, installation and maintenance of Passenger Boarding Bridges for cruise and ferry terminals, is changing its name to ADELTE.

BERCELONA – The ports and maritime division of ADELTE Group, more internationally known under the brand TEAM, will continue to develop its operations in 2014 using the brand ADELTE.

ADELTE is both the brand and the name of the Group that is now organised into three divisions: ADELTE Ports & Maritime (solutions for cruise and ferry terminals), ADELTE Airport Technologies (solutions for airports), and ADELTE Ingenieria del Transporte (solutions for special civilian and military transport).

The change from TEAM to ADELTE will be fully effective in early 2014. In the meantime, the two brands will continue to coexist until the rebranding process has been completed.

For TEAM, this change comes at a highly opportune moment: growth prospects for the coming years are excellent, it has a strong reputation worldwide, loyal customers and a very positive image that is synonymous with high quality, reliability, safety and innovation; and it has recently installed state-of-the-art boarding bridges for some of the cruise industry’s most ambitious projects in Hong Kong, Singapore, Sydney, New York and Miami.

This is a logical evolution in the development of TEAM and the ADELTE Group, which has also entailed an internal reorganisation, initiated a few months ago. The entire management team, and the Group’s engineers and experts, who have been involved in the process, will continue with the valuable work they have carried out to date. Now completely cross-cutting, the new organisation allows optimisation of the numerous synergies that exist between all the divisions on a technical, industrial, commercial, marketing, communication, financial and service level. Furthermore, the new structure will greatly enhance technological development, innovation, competitiveness, efficiency in project management and reactivity in customer service, and will also result in a reduction in costs.

“In a company, there is nothing more inclusive and unifying than the brand. The decision to bring all ADELTE Group’s activities together under a single, unique, strong and global brand is a logical one. The new technologies that we develop for seaport boarding bridges are also applicable to airport boarding bridges and vice versa. Unifying the teams and sharing knowledge and costs is a great advantage” says Josep Maria Bartomeu, CEO of ADELTE Group.

The name change from TEAM to ADELTE is a strong indicator for better integration of the Group, with the ultimate objectives being to further increase the level of quality, safety, operational excellence and competitiveness, while continuing to provide customers with the most reliable and effective solutions available on the market today.

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